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Phoenix, AZ vs. Tucson, AZ?

Give me some pros and cons to both cities. I know Phoenix is bigger, there might be some more to do there...but other than that simple fact name some reasons why one is better than the other, and what one city can offer that the other cannot offer.

I am interested in relocating to arizona primarily for climate reasons, i LOVE the sun, i love the heat, both offer name some things that would make me want to move to one or the other..

btw i am a 23 year old male...interests include fitness, sports, cars, music, space (star gazing etc.), health, etc..

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    Tucson is a small mid sized city but nothing too exciting, it is a college town though so will have some nightlife and concerts and all that good stuff, easier to navigate and less people and traffic which is a plus

    Phoenix is a mess, over crowded, the people are rude, its like a giant medium sized city that just kept spreading out, its hotter than Tucson, its getting more expensive, you have to drive forever, traffic sucks, the city is very UGLY and is not really respected, the downtown is like a ghosttown and is small and crappy and doesent have anything to offer.

    if you want city life I suggest you pick a new city

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    I currently live in Tucson now and cannot wait to move. I moved here with my boyfriend for his job & we should be relocating in about 2 years. I liked it the first year I was here, but after that it just got boring. A lot of people love it though. Besides hiking, biking, and rock climbing there isn't a lot to do here. The zoo has about 10 animals, there is 1 water park (if you want to call it that) that has 1 big pool & 3 water slides and a couple cool places to visit such as ''A" mountain, Mt. Lemmon, and the Sonora Desert Museum. After you've been to those places there's not much else to do. In contrast, there is a lot to do in Phoenix. We try to go up there at least every other month or so. Tucson has less traffic than Phoenix and it's usually 5-10 degrees cooloer in Tucson during the summer. It really all depends on your personality as to which is better suited for you. If you're a laid back out doorsy type of guy then Tucson might be better for you. But if you like to go out a lot and do a lot of things Phoenix is probably better for you. Also, not many great restaurants here in Tucson. Phoenix definitely has a lot more to offer in the restaurant scene. hope this helps! :)

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    COLORADO!!! I lived in both places before... Colorado for 8 years, and Arizona for 6 years. Colorado is beautiful everywhere and has nice weather. The most extreme here is that it snows. There are a lot of fun activities you can do here with the family, and the weather is nice enough that you would want to go and do it. Arizona is nothing but desert, dirt, trees that look dead. Dry heat, and a lot of blank spots in the area that aren't developed... The extreme is that it is HOT! Hardly anywhere to go with the family. There are a few decent parks to go to, hiking, a few bowling places, one water park, one park with rides, not much. There is nothing nice enough to want to go do in the heat. If you move to Phoenix I would suggest going up North more for outdoor activities since the weather is nicer up there. Jobs... There out there, but I have a hard time getting them. Mostly 10-15/hour jobs. I haven't seen much else that is above that, but who knows.

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