where to find houses to clean?

my mom cleans houses but has only found one house that she has to clean and she only cleans it once a month. i mean she worked with her friend and she made like 500 a day. they always have houses to clean. weve tried craigslist but everytime someone calls its for something else. where can i post for her that she cleans houses. i live in las vegas, nv. i mean she cleans houses really good and fast, and the lady she cleans for always compliments her on how clean it is and how good it smells. where should we put flyers and where should we leave business cards. what should i put on the flyers so that people well actually look at them and call. hope you guys can help. she hasnt had a job in a while.

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    Hi, George!

    I clean small offices but have friends who clean homes. I would first suggest that your Mom call a lot of insurance agencies and get quotes for the lowest amount of liability insurance. The rate varies a lot so do call around. It is important to have. It will protect her from claims (usually false) of damage or theft. But, it is also great for a sales tool. People feel more confident in hiring you when you put on your business cards and fliers that you have it. Oh, and the agency she goes with might give her leads to new home owners.

    My friend has had great success in putting her fliers and business cards at gyms and country clubs...places where people spend money on monthly dues and don't want to spend time cleaning. And, she may want to get magnetic signs for her car.

    I have tons more tips and resources for you on my Squidoo lens about starting a cleaning business. The link is in my Profile.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have heard Dave Ramsey (financial counselor) answer this question on his radio show. He says that you go to yard sales in the better section of town, and pass out business cards or flyers there.

    She could also volunteer to clean a house for free and then ask to use that person as a reference.

    If you know someone who owns a business, ask if you could put fliers on the cars in his/her parking lot.

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