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ghost movies or stories that can be compared to the turn of the screw?

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    These deal with a question as to whether there is a haunting or merely mental illness, as has been argued about "The Turn of the Screw". By the way, I believe that "The Innocents" is perhaps the best film version of that novel.

    Conjurer (2008)

    IMDb synopsis:

    After moving to the country to start life anew after their child's death, photographer Shawn Burnett begins to suspect that a ramshackle cabin on their property is haunted by the malevolent spirit of a long-dead witch who once lived there. His wife, Helen, refuses to believe in the supernatural. When she becomes pregnant again, Shawn fears for their baby.

    First Born (2007)

    IMDb synopsis:

    Laura, an up-and-coming dancer, learns that she is pregnant, forcing a postponement in her career. Husband Steven decides they should move to a house in the country and promises he will be there for her. However, work proves too demanding of his time, and Laura's mother is too far away to help her. Following the C-section delivery of the baby, Laura begins seeing and hearing things, causing her to fear that their house is haunted. The elderly woman hired to help her has such superstitious ways that it does not make things any better. Is Laura suffering from post-partum depression, or is she being haunted?

    The Haunting Within (2003)

    aka Red Rover

    IMDb synopsis:

    A brother and his mentally troubled sister who travel to their family's ancestral mansion after their father's death. He begins a new treatment for his sister that includes removing her from her medication despite her fears of what she is seeing and hearing. Are there ghosts, as she claims, or is she losing all hold on reality?

    This is an updated version of Henry James' novel:

    In a Dark Place (2006)

    IMDb synopsis:

    A teacher of arts, the mentally disturbed Anna Veigh is hired by Mr. Laing as a governess to raise two children~Flora and her brother, Miles. Anna believes that the ghosts of former governess Miss Jessel and groundskeeper Peter Quint are haunting the children and decides to help them face the spirits and get their souls free.

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