biggest alaskan grizzly bear attack?

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  • Dan B
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    1 decade ago
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    To my knowledge, there are no records kept concerning who got attacked by the largest bear. In fact, in some cases, no one may ever know what bear was involved in the actual attack. A bear I confiscated in 1967 became the property of the Alaska Department of Fish & Game because the law said (and still does) that animals killed in self defense are automatically state property and must be surrendered. At the time I took possession of the hide and skull from the person who had shot and reported it, it was the "biggest Alaskan Grizzly" EVER shot and recorded. In 1967, there were only 6 bears known to be bigger and they had all been shot in British Columbia. The bear I am referring to is still listed in the Boone & Crockett Club Record Book of North American Game Animals. It is listed there as the property of the Alaska Department of Fish & Game. I took the hide to the taxidermist in North Pole, Alaska (south of Fairbanks,) to be made into a rug, but when the size of the bear was officially recorded, the decision was made to have it done as a life-sized mount. I wish I could tell you where you could go to see that bear, but unfortunately, NO one knows where it ended up. I have tried to find it, but to no avail. I would like to see it again. It was HUGE. But for the record also, the BIGGEST bear on record "officially" is an 11' 6.5" Polar Bear. There could be a bigger bear (grizzly or polar) out there somewhere, but getting him/her to attack is something no one wants to volunteer for. I agree totally with their decision in that regard. (NOTE: The pictures and stories you may have seen on the Internet supposedly showing or telling about bears 14+ feet tall, or taller than a two story house are TOTALLY "bull pucky". Etch that in stone!)

    ADDITIONAL COMMENT: I also served at Fort Wainwright and my youngest son is serving there right now. I live in Wasilla, AK. I saw the photos of what was to have been a 14 foot bear. It was all over the Internet and "lower 48" newspapers were quick to pick up on it for the obvious attention it would get. However, I totally believe that it was as much of a hoax as the photos of the 150 pound, 8 foot Texas rattlesnake, and the 1,000+ pound Georgia wild boar which were proved to be untrue. IF the 14 foot bear really existed, the taxidermy industry would be totally abuzz about who is mounting it life-sized. That would be a truly rare honor. However, the industry is totally silent on that subject. As a former master taxidermist still involved with the industry, with supply companies, and one of the two largest magazines on the topic in the world, I can assure you that nothing is being said about such a bear. Therefore, my conclusion is.....

    Source(s): Been there - Done that! Former game warden - Arctic Region III - Fairbanks, Alaska
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dan,,, as I left Ft Wainwright, Alaska in 03,,, I recall hearing of a record 14ft tall Kodiak that was hunted or shot by a warden or someone... I remember seing something like that in the newspaper. Everyone was talking about it.

    Source(s): US Army, Ft Wainwright.
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