I have a brandnew battery for my laptop toshiba a100.?

should I charge it first? or drain it first before charging? before using it. I've already inserted the battery it works, it says it has 74% battery charge

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well with any rechargeable batteries, it is recommended by any manufacturer that you charge it fully before use. And this goes for laptop batteries too.

    Charge the battery to 100%, and unplug it and use your laptop normally. It is also RECOMMENDED that for the first few weeks, you use your laptop fully till the battery dies out, and THEN charge it back to 100%. This technique makes the battery much more powerful, and last longer. It is like a new car you can't work the car too hard until it settles in after 1000km or so. Same thing with batteries. Drain all the power out and then recharge it fully.

    Hope this helps.

    READ THIS: Jerry J you are wrong (the person who answered below me) wat is the point of having a laptop if when your going to use it your having it plugged in might as well get a desktop. It RECOMMENDED that you do not have your plug charged in to your laptop while in use, other wise your battery weakens, because it is now being supported by AC power and then the battery doesn't grow stronger, this can wear down the battery even quicker. If in EMERGENCIES though when your working and your laptop battery is dying you can plug it in and continue your work.

    Hope this helps too.

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    1 decade ago

    Use the laptop and let it charge while in use

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