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Do you think that the U.S. should out-law Pit Bull dogs?

My beautiful obedient and friendly golden retriever and I were just attacked in the park by a pit bull. My dog is injured, I'm injured. The

punks and their dog ran away with the dog. I know, I know I'm buying some pepper spray.

Canada has successfully outlawed pit bulls. They don't have the problem anymore. What is the purpose of this bread of dog? It's only purpose in its genetic predisposition is to attack and kill other dogs.That's the answer to my rhetorical question. The pit bull cannot be trained to NOT attack. This is the thesis/weight behind the logic of my argument. Thanks for your thoughts.


Don't start calling me names. Me and my dog aren't in the mood right now. I may have to read more. But the fact is that, this was a pitbull, I looked the dog up and identified the bread. Maybe dog bans are not the solution. The dogs name "pit bull" promote ignorance for the person being bitten and to people in general. I don't claim to be any brainiac, I'm just asking a question. And all the answers are very helpful in making my mind up in regard to a answer. Thank you.

Update 2:

My dog was on a leash. The pit was on a leash but struggled and got loose, the collar was too loose on the other dog. The other dog bum rushed me and my dog.

Update 3:

Please don't have this question deleted.

I'd like the data so I can study and come to an educated conclusion to the matter.

Update 4:

My apologies, I should not have asked this question without doing more research. I can see that there a a few schools of thought in regard to BSL.

Petey was a pit bull from the little rascals? lol..........I suppose it's not good to ask such a question while under emotional duress. I will let the community pick the best answer, I'm afraid I am to biased to pick a best answer.

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    Not all pit bulls are mean and dangerous. I was bitten by a Great Dane at the dog park last year. My dog, Louie, is a therapy dog. He travels with me to visit different animal shelters throughout Virginia to help educate the public about the breed. Did I say he is a gorgeous 90 pound pit bull?? He has changed the thinking of hundreds of people in his 3 years on this earth. He is the sweetest, most intelligent dog I have ever owned. He has never met a stranger. The old saying "don't judge a book by its cover" applies here, son. Adopt one and you will see!

    PS..did you know pit bulls were the most "decorated" dog in WW2? The breed saved many a service member.

    Source(s): Pit Bull owner and lover.
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    Um- Canada checking in here....

    Pitbulls are NOT banned all across Canada.

    Ontario and New Brunswick, plus a few municipalities (in Sask. I think) have banned Pits.

    Not to mention the ban is being legally challenged in the Supreme Court as we speak. I would not be surprised if it was repealed.

    I am against any paintbrush solutions. They rarely work. With the Pitbulls banned, there will be a new "bad breed".

    The fact of the matter remains that there are bad dogs of ALL breeds.

    Aggression can be bred into and out of dogs. Because they were once dog aggressive, doesn't mean they always will be.

    Look at the showline German Shepherds, they rarely have any of the temperment, drives or nerves of the working lines.

    What is the solution, I am not sure. But I am not for a ban.


    Alright, I apparently missed the Supreme Court ruling in June, 2009, I was wrong. The Ontario ban was upheld.

    Still not finding any stats regarding whether it is working or not (aside from Pitbull bites being down. Since they are banned that was bound to happen) but curious to know about total bites.

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    Well, for a start, the pitbull was never bred as a fighting dog or a hunting dog.

    The Pitbull's origins are this:

    They were a house dog and they were the original 'nanny' dog - people left their kids with the dogs.

    The pitbull became known as a fighting dog much later on when some idiots saw its well muscled frame and strong jaws and decided that it would be great to fight these dogs as they may have a chance of winning. IGNORANT F%$KS!

    You are just being breed ignorant - would you feel that german shepherds or labradors should be banned in the US if it had been that attacking you?

    I seriously doubt it.

    In the US there are more than 25 other breeds of dogs that are commonly mistaken for pitbulls - am staff, rottweiller, black lab, cane corso and boxer are just a few of those breeds.

    Ther are almost 800,000 dog bites per year in the US (an American has a one in 50 chance of being bitten by a dog each year) - only 30% of those are pitbull or pitbull cross related bites - 70% are caused by other breeds such as rottweiller, GSD, labradors, chihuahuas, poodles, presa canarios, jack russels, great danes etc (all common house pets that have bite the hand that feeds them).

    People are bitten more frequently by chihuahuas and fluffy house dogs (maltese, shih-ztu etc) than they are by any other breeds - these are the ones that make up the majority of emergency room visits in the US for dog bites and dog bites on children.

    Before condemning a breed, you need to research a breed and research the statistics first.

    Because it is only the bad people that own a dog that makes it a bad dog - not because of the breed it was born by.

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    Banning Pit Bulls only gets rid of the up-standing canine citizens. The thugs that fight their Pits will go even further underground. BSL does not work and is not working in Canada.

    Anyone can say that they were attacked by Pit Bulls. I need proof.

    There are already 75 different breeds of dogs that are banned some where. Soon all dogs will be banned and that includes your Golden Retriever, which is the #2 dog that bites.

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    u said - " Canada has successfully outlawed pit bulls. They don't have the problem anymore"

    that is incorrect - they accually have more bites after than b4 the Ban - same as Denver.

    Bans have even been uplifted due to the Increase of Dog Bites !!!

    I am really sorry u and ur dog got bite.

    Really ... but don't assume all dogs of the same breed are so bad due to some .

    " Pit Bulls" are used as Therapy /Search & Rescue as well as Police Dogs.

    Due to their Loyalty & willing to Please Humans......

    any dog can be trained

    Ps :the 1st Declared & Medaled War Canine Hero was an APBT named

    " Stubby" ............

    Source(s): Proud Owner of APBT
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    I do not necessarily think they should be outlawed but their irresponsible owners should not be allowed to keep them. I am not completely knowledgeable about pit bulls but I do believe they can be trained. However when their idiotic owners don't train them properly that is when problems come. It is unbelievable how dumb some people can be to let a dangerous dog walk around like that where they know and understand they can attack other people and dogs. Maybe if owners buy pit bulls they should be monitored that they are properly training their dog. I am not sure what should be done but there should be some protection. Sorry about you and you dog hope you both feel better

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    No .

    and I am not saying that to be mean .

    why punish the animal who cannot help how he was trained and cant ask for forgiveness for hurting you and your dog .he didn't ask to be mean .It is not the dogs fault he/she attacked . His owner should have trained him to be calm instead of aggressive

    An american is not banned from the US if they Hurt someone they are put in jail or prison .So why should a dog be

    My friend owns a pit who is very sweet and playful who is around 3 years old and she never attacked anything and her playmate is a cat :)

    a dog should first giving the chance to be helped for their aggression first then if all else fails and the dog is extremely dangerous then I do believe it should be put down and the owner severely punished/fined .

    that is also cruel of course since again the dog didn't ask for this but in that situation there is no other way :(

    "I do not believe that fighting is in a pits Blood I believe it is in the blood of the one who trains him"

    and any dog can be aggressive..even a golden retriever so should we ban all dogs just in case ?

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    Did your Retriever run up to be friendly with the Pitt like most Retrievers do?

    What could you have done to preclude it?

    Was the Pitt protecting its owner from perceived threats by your dog?

    Which dogs were on leash?

    I'm not blaming you just trying to find out the reason a Pitt picked your dog out of all the dogs it had met that week to attack.

    There was a reason........what do you think it could have been?

    Is your dog weak,shy, afraid normally?

    I had a foundling foster Pitt that atttacked a wimpy dog. It wasn't fair to the other dog and undoubtedly made the other dog even more fearful of life than it had been. I had found it in the very same park playing with the big dogs a few days before that.

    No, I do not think any breed should be banned. Try to remember, it's the owner not the dog.

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    Yeah. They should outlaw every "bread" of dog that ever attacks any other dog or person. Hope you're not too attached to that Golden Retriever because he, along with every other breed, is going to get the boot.

    If you're going to make claims like "The pit bull cannot be trained to NOT attack" then you'd better be prepared to provide some solid evidence for that. I'm sorry you and your dog got attacked but that Pit Bull could've just as easily been a Rottweiler or a Bulldog or a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. And in fact, you don't even know that it was a Pit Bull! The vast majority of people don't even know what a Pit Bull looks like and call every dog that is kind of blocky and muscular a Pit Bull when in reality they are completely separate breeds of dog.

    If you want to point at somebody then put the blame where it belongs - irresponsible owners. Any dog has the potential to be aggressive and dangerous if they are not handled properly. I can tell you from firsthand experience that Goldens are included in this, because I was attacked by a poorly-trained Golden when I was in grade school. Thankfully I was fine aside from some scratches on my arms. Did my parents go on complaining to anyone who would listen that Golden Retrievers are dangerous and should be banned? No, they went after the owners of the dog, which is the logical thing to do.

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    i can still have a pit and i live in canada. they are not banned here and should not. goldens are just as dangerous as APBTs. i have groomed many of both breeds and i do not trust golden retrievers, over 60% i would say that i have groomed have snapped or bitten. none of the pitties that i have worked on attempted to do that. though i have had many face washes given to me by pits, but a "kiss" attack is hardly life threatening. the people that i have run into that have pits are very well educated about their dogs and their breed. not every one should own one that's for sure but they are great dogs. my husky has been attacked by several labradors so with that said i guess they should be banned too....right

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