The difference between Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology.?

I was wondering if anyone could define each one in simple methods.

The difference between Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology.

And what each one studies.

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    Anthropology studies how people have developed biologically and how that affects the way they live and have lived.

    Psychology studies human behavior and how it affects the person's life.

    Sociology studies society, its patterns and how they affect our current world.

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    Anthropology And Psychology

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    Define Anthropology

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    Psychology is the study of mind and behavior

    Sociology is the study of society and its patterns

    Anthropology is the study of culture

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  • 1 decade ago

    Anthropology studies how people live.

    Psychology studies how people think.

    Sociology studies how people interact with each other.

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    A dictionary or google are always good places to look up definitions

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