A380 cockpit questions!!!!?

1) What's the keyboard thingy for? I also noticed that they only use it before they take off. In case you don't know what I'm talking about:http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a4...

2) For the side-stick, do you basically just pull the it back to take off and pull it forward to land?

3) Also, do you turn the plane by moving the side-stick left/right?

4) And last, do the pilots just sit there while the computers do all the work? And for the a380, is the final decision still made by computer? As in, can the pilot over ride the computer, or will the computer over ride the pilots?



5) Oh and also, what does the red button on the side-stick do?

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    1. The keyboard is for the Electronic Flight Bag. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_flight_bag

    2. You use the Side-stick just like any center stick.

    3. Moving the Side-stick left or right will raise or lower the wings. To turn you also need to pull the nose up.

    4. No pilots monitor the aircraft's systems and plan ahead. As Walter said the flight computers reduce pilot workload rather than replacing them. Pilots still have to avoid bad weather, follow ATC instructions, take appropriate action in the event of an emergency etc. In all Airbus aircraft the pilot still makes the final decision. Any movement of the side-stick will override the autopilot if it is engaged.

    5. The red button will permanently disengage the auto pilot (until it is re-engaged by pressing a button on the Ggare shield

    Source(s): Ex Airbus A340 pilot
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    2 + 3) The side-stick is connected to both the elevator and aileron control surfaces. Pulling aft on the side-stick will raise the nose, pushing forward will lower the nose, moving the side-stick left will bank the aircraft to the left and moving the side-stick right will bank the aircraft to the right. Landing an aircraft requires far more effort than just simply fiddling around with the side-stick.

    4) The flight computers were not designed to replace pilots but to reduce pilot workload substantially. Ultimately, it is pilots who program/monitor the flight computers and it is pilots who make the decisions (typically the flight commander, though decisions should be made and reached by both the captain and first officer). Pilots can override the flight computers through a number of ways; altering data on the Flight Management Computer (FMC), disengaging the autopilot and changing/relaxing the flight envelope protection system by switching to a different 'law' (depends on the aircraft).

    5) Press the red button once to disengage the autopilot. Press it a second time to silence the autopilot disconnect aural alarm.

    -- EDIT --

    Caleb B is wrong. No commercial airliner can fly from A to B without two or more certified pilots on board.

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    the keyboard is for the gps and route planners

    the stick is like a simulator or what you would find in a heli

    just move it the way you want to go

    the a380 can go from one airport to another WITHOUT a pilot the plane is that advanced the cockpit is all fly by wire controlled as for the red button it is to switch to manule Control

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    Just to add to the NO.5 question the red button permanently disengages the autopilot for that flight and also has a secondary priority function i.e. it stops the F.O's one from working.

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    The keyboard is how the pilots program the navigation system and "talk" to the airplane's computers when pilot input is required.

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    1. Don't know.

    2. Yes, just like a control column of video game.

    3. Yes, see #2.

    4. Don't be silly

    The red button should be the A/P disconnect.

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    Those who subscribe to the urban legend that Airbus drivers don’t do much work because the planes fly themselves will be forced to reexamine this theory after seeing the sidestick work being done in this video’s inset on a windy day at JFK. My wrist gets tired just watching it.


  • Give the ten pts to Walter, that is one who knows his Airbus

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