FHA legal recourse? What can I do?

Examples of conditions that still require automatic inspection, but not limited to:

Standing water against foundation, or excessively wet basement

Hazardous materials on site

Faulty mechanical systems: electrical, plumbing, or heating

Structural failure: settlement or bulging foundation walls

Examples of conditions that may be of risk to health and safety of occupants or soundness of property that continue to require automatic repair, but are not limited to:

Inadequate access/egress from bedrooms to exterior of home

Leaking or worn out roofs

Structural problems such as foundation damage caused by settlement

Defective paint surfaces in homes built before 1978

Defective exterior paint on homes built after 1978 where finish is unprotected



Proper topography and site grading can be important elements

in preventing wet basements, damp crawl spaces, erosion of

soils, and overflowing sewage disposal systems. To ensure

proper protection, the appraiser must analyze the

relationship of street grades, floor elevations, and lot

grades. If the foundation or its bearing soils may be

affected by seepage or frost, the dwelling is unacceptable

unless the surface and subsurface water is diverted from the

structures to ensure positive drainage away from the


2. Hazards

The property must be free of all known hazards and

adverse conditions that:

o may affect the health and safety of the occupants

o may affect the structural soundness of the


o may impair the customary use and enjoyment of the


These hazards include toxic chemicals, radioactive

materials, other pollution, hazardous activities,

potential damage from soil or other differential ground

movements, ground water, inadequate surface drainage,

flood, erosion, excessive noise and other hazards on or

off site.

4. Drainage

The site must be graded to provide positive drainage

away from the perimeter walls of the dwelling and to

prevent standing water on the site. Signs of

inadequate draining include standing water proximate to

the structure and no mitigation measures such as

gutters or downspouts.

8. Defective Conditions

A property with defective conditions is unacceptable

until the defects or conditions have been remedied and

the probability of further damage eliminated.

Defective conditions include:

o defective construction

o poor workmanship

o evidence of continuing settlement

o excessive dampness

o leakage

o decay

o termites

o other readily observable conditions that impair

the safety, sanitation

The items outlined in VC-7: Structural Conditions, are

meant to alert the appraiser and the lender to the

possibility of defective conditions. These items are

readily identifiable characteristics that could

indicate one of the defective conditions.

9. Ventilation

Natural ventilation of structural space - such as

10. Foundations

All foundations must be adequate to withstand all

normal loads imposed. Stone and brick foundations are

acceptable if they are in good condition. The

appraiser must review the conditions in VC-8 for

evidence of conditions that could indicate safety or

structural deficiencies that may require repair.

12. Roof

The covering must prevent moisture from entering and

must provide reasonable future utility, durability and

economy of maintenance.

14. Heating

Heating must be adequate for healthful and comfortable

The appraiser must note and make a repair requirement

for any health or safety deficiencies as they relate to

the subject property, including:

o broken windows, doors or steps

Peeling interior paint and broken or seriously cracked

plaster or sheetrock require repair and repainting

These are the FHA appraisal rules that I have looked up. This is a long story I don't have the time to tell but I can prove they lied to me about a bunch of stuff.

The issues here are I have a flooding basement coming in from the foundation. I have seriously damaged plaster walls. I have broken unsafe cement oustide. I do not have gutters. My furnace vent pipe was red tagged my eletric is not up to code. (60 amps maxed out before I got here.) My hot water heater broke withiin 3 months dunno if i Can do anything about that. Therefore I have no hot water or heat. I had a room full of fiberglass pipes and two bats among other oddities from floor to ceiling in the basement when I got here. They did not show me this room when showing me the house and I didn't see it bc of lighting in basement. There is evidence of continuing settlement as my doors don't even shut because the doorways are so crooked and the floors as well. The wood is coming up in the kitchen underneath thetile. Just a lot of stuff the l


Oh and my roof had a piece on the ground the day I moved in when they told me i had a good 10 to 20 years left on it HA!

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    You need to contact an attorney. You may have additional rights in the state that you live in.

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