We so need a new leader don't we? One who exercises more?

Gordon brown is unfit to be prime minister, literally. What sort of example are we setting if we are led by a fat scot with bags under his eyes bigger than the ones my mum comes with after shopping. Obama is quite muscular and that russian guy who was photographed swimming a while ago (name escapes me). We need a prime minister who you wouldn't argue with because you'd be scared he'd break your jaw.

some candidates:

Vinnie Jones

Jason Statham

Amir Khan

Sean Bean

Ross Kemp

They are lots more, but i dont know their names. Who else do you think would make a good Prime minister

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  • ALB
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    1 decade ago
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    Let's get physical.....physical.....

  • 1 decade ago

    Umm first of all it would be quite unlikely for the president to get into a fight. That's why he has his 6'8+ bodyguards with him. And look at some of the most powerful men known to mankind.

    Hitler wasn't fit, yet noone tried to mess with him. Waffen SS on his *** 24/7, you wouldn't go 10 feet near him unless you've been...invited?

    Lincoln?....Enough said

    Napoloen was quite the fatty too.

    These men were all inteligent though, they didn't need to get into fights, they're brains outmatched the some worlds most powerful rivals.

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