Crucible? questions? (10point)s for best answer) any?

If you can answer any that would be great!!

1. Why does Tituba finally confess to conjuring spirits? Why does she accuse Sarah Good and Sarah Osborn?

2. Explain the relationship between Abigail Williams and John proctor?

3. Who symbolizes order and wisdom? Explain....

4. Who symbolizes lust and evil? Explain...

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    1. She had to blame someone else to avoid death.

    2. Abigail used to work for the Proctor family. She is in love with John Proctor but he doesn't love her back. They had an affair together. Abigail stopped working for the Proctor family after Elizabeth found out about the affair. Abigail hates Elizabeth Proctor, his wife. John Proctor feels shame and guilt for having the affair.

    3. Rebecca Nurse symbolizes order and wisdom.

    4. Abigail symbolizes lust and evil.

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