Who Stole My "Top Contributor" Badge?

It was here earlier. Please help me.

MQ: Can I get a song about stealing or getting robbed?
Update: U2 and Nirvana - Since we are talking about moms, when are you going to come over and pick yours up? I'm finished with her.
Update 2: Ladyhawk - Your badge looks kind of familiar; I new I couldn't trust Canadians.
Update 3: Darth - I bet it was one of those Fruit Concentration Camp Nutzis.

Could that have gotten any punnier?
Update 4: migh - Look at my profile pic, you really don't want me to send my monkey. Do you? Tell me where is the location of the rebel base...ahem, I mean, tell where is my badge is, NOW.
Update 5: ? - I'm watching you.....
Update 6: migh - I feel a produce jihad coming.
Update 7: Lucy - Now that you mention it, I don't ever remember ever seeing you with one until today.
Update 8: Meg - How could you betray me like that?
<Sobbing uncontrollably while running to another room>
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