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Stephanie Meyer fans, when will you wake up and accept Anne Rice as the true prophet of vampires?

Everybody knows that vampires aren't covered in fish scales and even my five year old nephew knows that they die in the sun and have to sleep in coffins. All this Stephanie Meyers crap better stop because I'm getting really angry about it! If I see one kid this Halloween, just one kid with that stupid bedhead hairstyle and anything but a seventeenth century count costume on with their pointy teeth I'm going to blow a gasket!!!


WTF, did Scuzzy get oops'ed?!

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    I had no idea that you read all of the Twilight books!!! OMG email me I need to find out what happens before the next movie comes out.

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    Anne Rice

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    ... when they get old enough and/or mature enough to read Anne Rice novels...

    Most of these Twilight fans are either very young like 10-17 or somewhat immature. or at least this is my opinion... Vampires do not sparkle people! Anne Rice is a genius! You should read her books people!

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    Anne Rice has TALENT

    No candy for the bedhead kid in the Twilight costume.

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    Twilight SUCKED!

    What a let down.

    "The great UNDEAD Hype".

    I was completely and totally in love with Anne Rice.

    Until she went over to the other side.

    Who am I kidding?

    I'm STILL in love with her.

    I even read her new book "Christ the Lord".

    Now I ask you, would I do that for anyone else?


    Do you have any idea how hard it was to buy that book?

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    I saw a few shirts today: "I kissed a vampire and I liked it." "Only a vampire can love you forever." and two others that were utterly forgettable.

    I personally think that ghosts are better, so top that. Damned Twilight phenomenon.

    All hail Anne Rice (who is now a Christian... go figure), and her vampiric ways!

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    Well I dont know about you but even my DOG knows vampires dont exist and allows and accepts people for their creative genius.

    Since Twilight is for tweens and up I doubt your friendly neighborhood boyscout will be dressed like a Cullen. Shame.. Cullens are hot.

    At any rate I have read both Rice and Meyers. They are both good and since vamps are entirely fictional let them have their own fun with it.

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    That's it just keeping ignoring that Fred Saberhagan published his Dracula Tape in 1975, the year before Anne Rice decided to publish her Interview with a Vampire and introduce gay vampires to the world.

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    Will you feel better if the Twilight Vampires start having homosexual tendencies?

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    That Ham Stroker... he wrote the orignal one amiright? That Fuzzy is such a schoolar, amiright? Them other ones vampires are like, arrivistes, amiright? Huh? Ummmm...

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    Man...did you see what Lestat did at the end of Tale of the Body Thief???

    Hahahaha! That Lestat! What a bastard!

    Source(s): Twilight sucks donkey balls!
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