Parents, do you watch Glee with your kids?

I personally think this show TOTALLY ROCKS...but I'm not sure it's entirely appropriate for minors. Maybe it's good to let teenagers watch it, because it accurately reflects what life is like in school?

What are your thoughts?


I don't have kids at home...this isn't a question about whether or not I should let my kids watch. Just wondering if I'm the only one who thinks this show is too adult for its target market.

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    1 decade ago
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    I agree with you. It touches on mature topics... and I also think it rocks.

    My kids are too little to watch it, but if they were in their teens I would think twice about it.

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    My four year old watches it because of the dancing and singing but if he was a little older I think I might be cautious about some of the subject matter. I think it's actually geared toward a older audience like maybe teens and up. I personally think it's one of the best new shows on TV right now. I think the worst new show is " The Middle". Its like a screwed up version of Malcolm in the Middle. Ewwwww...

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    I am a teenager and i absolutly loveeeee Glee. I personally find it good for teenagers to watch beause it deals with a lot of things we go through. IWhether its the teen pregnancy or the drama with guys. I think its up to you to decide if the teen is mature enough to watch it.

  • 1 decade ago

    yeah let them watch it it is really a teenager show but it is up to u if u feel the time is right to let them watch it then let them

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