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1. G Geneva

2. I Henry VIII

3. H Allah

4. E Genghis Khan

5. J Huguenots

6. C Medina

7. A Martin Luther

8. N Islam

9. L Presbyterians

10. F Muhammad

11. B Ferdinand and Isabella

12. D Mercantilism

A. “Ninety-Five Theses”

B. Spanish monarchs, funded Colombus’ voyage

C. The “city of the Prophet”

D. Economy Designed to Enrich the State

E. Temujin, “Universal ruler”

F. Founder of Islam

G. Protestant Rome

H. Arabic for God

I. “Fidei Defensor”

J. French Protestants, John Calvin Followers

K. “Dare to Know”

L. Scottish Calvinists

M. Lord Protector, “Old Ironsides”

N. The word means :”submit”

O. Designated German Prince who Helped Choose Holy Roman Emperor


First, place the correct year of each event on the right.

Then, place each event in the correct numerical order on the left.

Order Year

13. 8 Peace of Augsburg 1555

14. 2 Battle of Constantinople 1453

15. 6 Diet of Worms 1521

16. 7 Act of Supremacy 1534

17. 4 Ninety-Five Theses 1517

18. 3 Treaty of Tordesillas 1494

19. 5 “Assertio Septem Sacramentorum” 1520

20. 1 Battle of Manzikert 1054


B 1. Salvation by faith was the religious doctrine of:

A. John Calvin.

B. Martin Luther.

C. Ulrich Zwingli.

D. Desiderius Erasmus.

C 2. The Ottoman Turks acquired their name from their first Sultan:

A. Oliverotto.

B. Otto I.

C. Osmanli.

D. Odoacer.

A 3. Under the restoration monarchy of Charles II, the Cavalier Parliament:

A. abolished the Declaration of Indulgences.

B. repealed the Petition of Right.

C. forced Charles II to sign the Triennial Act.

D. passed laws forcing Catholics and Puritans to conform to the Anglican Church.

A 4. The Puritans in England were followers of:

A. John Calvin.

B. John Wycliffe.

C. Jan Hus.

D. Martin Luther.

A 5. In the 1555 Peace of Augsburg, Holy Roman Emperor Charles V stated that:

A. The Cuius Regio, Euis Religio doctrine for Lutherans and Catholics in

the Holy Roman Empire.

B. Germany reacquired Alsace-Lorraine.

C. Only Catholics and Lutherans could live in Germany.

D. Succeeding emperors had to be Lutherans.

B 6. The Dominican priest selling papal indulgences upsetting Martin Luther was:

A. John Calvin.

B. John Tetzel.

C. Jan Hus.

D. John Wycliffe.

A 7. The Muslim Empire that defeated the Byzantine Empire in the Battle of Constantinople was the:

A. Ottoman Empire.

B. Safavid Empire.

C. Mughal Empire.

D. Sassanid Empire.

C 8. The very first European state to begin the Age Of Discovery was:

A. England.

B. Spain.

C. Portugal

D. France.

D 9. The elite Ottoman army, referred to in Turkish as “Yenicheri” were also known in history as:

A. Hoplite Phalanxes.

B. Legions.

C. Centurions.

D. Janissaries.

B 10. The official religion of the Byzantine empire was:

A. Greek Orthodox.

B. Roman Catholic.

C. Lutheran.

D. Islam.

C 11. When Christopher Colombus first arrived in the New World he landed in:

A. Present day Colombia.

B. The Aztec Empire, present day Mexico.

C. Present day Bahamas.

D. Bermuda in the eastern Atlantic.

B 12. One reason why Western European maritime states sought a water route to Asia was because:

A. They built too many ships and had to find use for them.

B. Many such as Portugal were politically stable wanted to avoid the land blockade

of the Ottoman Empire.

C. The Steam Engine had been invented and Spain wanted to test it.

D. England had a very large maritime empire and sought to expand it.

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    everything looks good. I researched every answer and they all seem right. Im sure you'll get a good grade

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