What bank is the best to refinance my house?

I live in Oak Lawn, IL and want to refinance my house with lower rate (now I have 6.25%). What bank I can trust?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Good question.

    While who has the best interest rate is certainly a consideration, there are many other factors to look at when you choose a mortgage broker. If you have friends that have recently bought a home or refinanced, ask them if they were happy with their mortgage lender, and for a recommendation.

    Phone your prospective lenders and ask them about their terms, fees, interest rates, points, loan servicing, and any other credit information you need to know. If they can't or won't answer these questions, you need to move on to the next prospective lender on your list. Watch for hidden costs, and check out the company's history and reputation on the Internet, or in the library.

    Hope this helps!


    Brad, Personal Finance Educator

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    1 decade ago

    Hi, I'm going to be biased, but the IL clients that I work with are usually pretty satisfied because I work full-time in the office (easy to reach). I'm both upfront about the fees and don't sugarcoat anything, and you get what I promise you. LO's oughta be honest in this line of work anyway in my opinion.

    If you don't mind working over the phone, I'm licensed in your state to help you out with your high interest rate right now. We do our own underwriting and, usually, our turnover time is about 30 days, which is a lot better than bigger banks right now.

    Source(s): I'm a Loan Officer. If you're interested in learning more, feel free to view my profile for contact info and then shoot me an email. Best luck regardless :)
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    There is no one best bank. Go to at least 10 different banks and ask them to give you a written loan statement estimate including all fees. Make sure it is in writing. Select the best one.

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