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Does this tie up the idea of 0bama and the Chicago Olympics?

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    If America turns into Cuba I consider that failure don't you? Or are you just like Obama, Moore, Sean Penn, Danny glover, Nancy, Harry, etc.....who have that model as their goal. Heck yes inhope they fail! The point about the olympics was a critizism of Obama making it a priority when we are losing lives in afganistan and have 17% unemployment with the worst economy since the depression. What is Obama doing to get this economy going again, we Need to cut taxes on individuals and corporate taxes. Let's get the flat tax back or go back to 15% and 25% with Corp tax 25% or 0% if we had any brains.

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    It's not a matter of hoping the country fails. It's more like wishing people would open their eyes and see how he will fail America.

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    This is the perfect example of how the far right wishes America fails just to prove Obama has failed.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Oh, yawn. It's the cartoon man... again.

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