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    Though it has not happened yet, many belive it will very soon, possibly when they meet up in the iron country. I am a very big NaruSaku fan and hope it does. And not to be a hater, but if NaruHina happens the whole thing would be dumb as naruto doesn't even have a close friendship with her. But anyways this is heading towards a Naruto finally wins the girl thing. But deep down something tells me Sakura will consider Hinatas feeling. Hope not though. Kishi don't fail me now!

  • Oh my god I hope soon!! I L.O.V.E. NaruSaku.

    I watch other couple AMV's (not Yaoi or Yuri, why would I? ewww) but I WANT NaruSaku to happen. I have to admitt I LOVE watch SasuSaku couple video's and love looking at the pictures. I can't help it? But of course I'd like puke if it were to really happen in the manga. Naruto and Sakura need to be together!! I DO NOT watch couple video's with Neji, Lee, or Kiba though. I am I Neji fangirl and if Lee is not with Sakura I can't see him with anyone else? And I hate Tenten so I don't even think about her, X(. And Kiba is paired with one of my OC characters but I like KibaHina. Their cute ^^

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    4 years ago

    They haven't kissed. The only person Naruto has kissed so far is Sasuke (by accident!) and that creepy lady in the fillers.

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    I don't think that's ever going to happen. This is a boys manga/anime. Which means its all about fighting and action. There's no romance scenes in this anime. Well some parts if you get lucky though.

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    dude no one kisses anyone in naruto, the only kiss to ever happen was between naruto and sasuke.

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    people think that shes going to do it on the manga when she talks to naruto IF she talks to naruto, and they think that shes going to in the new movie coming out, but im a NARUHINA fan SO sorry, but i have more faith in NauHina


    Source(s): check out the pic!! (its fan made but it can still happen) XP
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    hey dude i m not sure but it's Naruto Episodes 3 . you can watch naruto episodes online if you really want to know about that particular episodes of Naruto in which Sakura Kiss naruto.

  • that episode or manga didnt yet happen sorry im waiting for it too <3

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    that won't happen- in japan the most famous straight naruto couple's sasusaku, same goes with the entire freakin world = 3 = the pairing ranking in japan are as follows:

    1st= kakairu

    2nd= narusasu (i think?? not sure)

    3rd= sasusaku

    Source(s): c\
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Aint in the anime or manga yet....

    Lots of people rekon it will happen though

    I hope sasuke dies... :D

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