If Congress closed funding to ACORN, why did they get money usually meant for firefighters?

Congress voted to cut off funding to ACORN. Now Obama's homeland security leader, Janet Napolitano has awarded a grant to the Louisiana office of ACORN. The money was usually awarded to firefighters in Louisiana and was 80% of their money.

Is this how the democrats are going to get around cutting off money to ACORN? They will just let Obama's people give it?


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    Future........Yea Napolitano operates in a vacuum and never even heard of the ACORN scandal so lets not question how it ever got past her desk lets just defend the Obama appointee and blame the state the same tate who's senator is screaming to get the money back.

    Lets also not question why ACORN in times like these wouldn't donate the money to the fire dept but pocket it and go on their way yea they are real good folks.

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    The funding was NOT closed; it had been passed on separate bills and I have to believe was stricken from those bills in reconciliation (or the bills sent to committee to die).

    As for the ACORN funding to the Louisiana chapter, it may be because it's the lesser of two evils in that state. Louisiana's government is the most corrupt in all of the USA, and that the money used in the past wound up diverted.

    The Washington Times article is partially misleading on account of it fails to take into account the state government's culture of corruption which makes ACORN there look like saints (it's that bad).

  • ash
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    If Congress actually wants to cut off the funding, they will. No issue.

    Being from an urban area, I can understand giving the grant to a community group instead of Firemen. Folks are more likely to trust someone who is not from a government agency. Conservatives, you are the ones who spread that belief around aren't you!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    good ole democrat double talk. they just m ake a new law when the old one isn:t what they like. Napolitano should be fired from the homeland security. she is as corrupt as the democrat senators. with her idiotic statement there is nothing illegal being illegal. she is a idiot.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That would be STATE money?

    Congress can't pass laws infringing on STATEs doing things can they?

    But maybe the law passed only applies to certain kind of funding - your biased "newspaper" probably left a bunch of things out as usual - probably that the money really IS going to firefighters, or that the firefighters never got the money in the first place.

    Source(s): Oops, sorry, forgot you guys only pretend to believe in State's rights when it suits your political purposes, don't you?
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    Ah yes, dems are so for the underdog.

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