why sumo winning moves has increased?

Why has the number of 'winning moves' in sumo increased?

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    Although sumo has a rigid and traditional history of its rules and regulations as to how the sport is to be conducted, it is also a very alive sport that by necessity some modifications have to be made to conform with the times. And sumo winning moves are thus also affected. Right now, there are about 87 sumo winning moves but these moves are increasing because there are some sumo techniques or variations of present techniques that could not be easily classified, thus the creation of a new name. By way of example, let me define the winning kimarite move of okuritsuriotoshi (rear lifting body slam) - After circling around behind the defender, in this technique the attacker will lift his opponent up using any one of several possible grips and then slam him down. Okuritsuriotoshi is one of the 12 techniques added in the 2001 winning technique list expansion.

    This sumo kimarite winning technique,okuritsuriotoshi, is a new sumo move and one of the 12 techniques added in the 2001 sumo move expansions.

    In fact, the number of situations in which a rikishi can win a match with out actually initiating a technique has expanded from two to five. These winning “non-techniques” are:



    and TSUKITE

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