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Love/hate korean dramas?

umm.. are there anyone who know kdramas that has love/hate relationship in it? Like for example, in the beginning, both the guy and girl hate each other but slowly later, they fell in love with each other. I just love dramas like that! :D It's greatt! hehee.

I watched;

Full House

Boys Over Flowers

My Sassy Girl

My name is Kim Sam Soon

My Girl

All of that dramas has love/hate relationships and i love it! hehe. i hope someone would recommand me some nice one. Btw, i'm watching 1% of anything, now. hahahaa. Alright, Thanks in advance. :D:D


btw! i forgot to mention that i watched Goong and Coffee prince already. :D ahhaa. my badd. um, Shining Inherintance is ummm, well, i don't really like the girl. i guess that's why i don't want to watch it in the beginning. FYI, I would love korean dramas which have a good-looking guy or maybe a beautiful girl and good-looking guy. :D

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    Goong S

    Sweet 18

    I Really Really Like You

    Take Care Of The Young Lady

    and more

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    Haha I've seen all of those too and I love them all.

    A sort of old one is 'Coffee Prince', it came out a couple of years ago but it's one of my all time favorites. It's got comedy and romance, what more to love?

    Another good one is 'Goong' (Royal Palace). It has the same lead character as Coffee Prince. I recommend Coffee Prince over Goong though. Another good one, which is more for the family but is still amazing, is 'Through the Roof High Kick'. It came out fairly recently but there's 20something episodes so far and the couples are really cute and funny. I think there's supposed to be 150 episodes in total (wow!).

    If you would like to watch other dramas (not Kdrama) I recommend 'The Devil Beside You' which is a Taiwanese drama. It has a unique story line and I love it!

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    Do you mean characters that hate each other at first then fall in love later on? Most of the Korea dramas actually have that. Some of them are My Girl, Boys over flowers, Shining Inheritance, etc.

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    The platonic relationship: My favorite k-drama cliche!

    She is 19 (Funny!)

    You Are My Destiny (Not the main couple though...)

    Smile, You (Still airing but it's likely to go down that road...)

    18 vs 29

    Couple Or Trouble

    Why Did You Come To My House

    It's too bad that you don't like Shining Inheritance. It's my favorite k-drama this year... I think you've already watched the best ones!

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    Most, if not all Korean dramas have Love/hate relationships, lol. Recent dramas that are like that are Shining Inheritance, Tamna the Island, Take care of the young lady.

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    I'd have to say...

    Shining Inheritance and Goong are the best ones with that type of plot. :]

    Those two are highly recommended! And they were extremely popular too.

    Haha. OH! AND SNOW QUEEN! That's a good one, haha.

    Source(s): Me, the Korean drama freak. ;D
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    I think all of Korean dramas are like that...ㅋㅋㅋ...

    try KBS's I Hate You But I Like You (미워도 좋아)

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    "Shining Inheritance"...the two main characters (Hwan and Eun-sung) hate each other in the beginning, but in the end, they fall in love :D

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