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what is israel famous for?

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    What Is Israel Famous For

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    Jerusalem is the birth place of three important religion in the present world i,e Jews, Muslim & Christian.

    Apart from that some other famous things in Israel are:

    Dead Sea

    Sea of Gallile, Jordan River, Nazareth ( related to Jesus)

    Military weapons , Diamond Cutting & many more...

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    The Six Day War. The Jaffa orange. The Merkava main battle tank. A clandestine nuclear arsenal dwarfing anything Saddam or Iran could ever have built. Suppressing Palestinian aspirations. Big yearly costs to US taxpayers.

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    Modern or Ancient Israel? As they both vastly different.

    I'd say that modern Israel is most famous for being the Target of Islamic attacks, and criticism.

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    Israel-Palestine conflict


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    Murderous Jewish terrorist groups, labeled as such by the British-Likud(oops, IRGUN before being elected), the Stern Gang, Lehi, Levi, Haganah and many others. Calling the Arab freedom fighters, terrorists, invading/occupying their land, attacking Arabs, killing them, and stealing their land, even their organs:(NO, not the Swedish article(was right on the nose)- the ARREST,TRIED, CONVICTED(including JEWISH witnesses), and JAILED Rabbi Levy Rosenbaum and his Rabbinical organ theft ring:

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    The original Middle East terrorists

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    Being the most vindictive state in the world.

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    defending itself!!

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