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any courses in English please

I have asked before, but haven't got what I want, and so ask again..

I am looking forward to seeing better advice, Cheers


I want to do these lessons, Business studies, Finance and Marketing...

Does anyone know about any of college offers these courses at the

moment in Taiwan? or any of cram school

I am also wondering whether these courses in English?

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    Why dont you translate your request into CHINESE?

    What kind of business?? Finance etc.

    Google them. Piece of cake!

    There are plenty of universties in Taipei, many of them are out-standing!!!


    2009-10-08 01:47:16 補充:

    A list of University in Taiwan is attached.

    Please find the following link.


    Cheers MATE

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  • tzylan
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    1 decade ago

    I don't know what city you are at. I think these courses should be available in all the management faculty of national universities in Taiwan. Normally, they offer special program for international students. For example, check this out. www.ntu.edu.tw/english

    Good luck.

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