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What do you think about IOC members deliberately voting against Golf and Rugby 7's as a protest over process?

Back in August the Executive Board narrowed the choices of what 2 sports if any should be in the 2016 Olympics from 7 to 2. Ones they eliminated where Baseball, Karate, Roller Sports-In Line Skating, Squash and Softball.

IOC members thus didn't get a chance to vote on all 7 candidates and some are unhappy with this. They may possibly show their disapproval by voting no to include Golf and Rugby 7's in 2016.

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    i think some of the IOC members who favor the sports that were not selected might vote against either golf or rugby. I hope they vote against golf. To many golf is a boring game and is definitely not an audience friendly event ( audience only get to see a few holes from a certain spot unless they follow to move around with the golfers ). Rugby is a fast and very energetic games, it would be interesting to see rugby included in the Olympics.

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    When a sport is not played by a majority of the members, then that sport has a very difficult time getting into the Olympics.

    There are too many sports and events in the Olympics.

    I feel that golf, as well as tennis does not need to be a part of the Olympics.

    Like any votes in a large body of voters it is not reasonable to let everyone vote on everything, which is why there are committees to pare things down to a reasonable ballot.

    I doubt that members voted against Golf and Rugby as a protest, they just did not have universal support.

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