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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw & Ethics · 1 decade ago

Did you know the Partnership for a Drug free America was funded by alcohol and tobacco companies?

"PDFA was the subject of criticism when it was revealed by CyCot ts Cotts of the Village Voice that their federal tax returns showed that they had received several million dollars worth of funding from major pharmaceutical, tobacco and alcohol corporations including American Brands (Jim Beam whiskey), Philip Morris (Marlboro and Virginia Slims cigarettes, Miller bTannhauserheuser Busch (Budweiser, Michelob, Busch beer), R.J. Reynolds (Camel, Salem, Winston cigarettes), as well as pharmaceutical firms Bristol Meyers-Squibb, Merck & Company and Proctor & Gamble; an issue which has been linked to the organization's lack of media discouraging the misuse of legal drugs. From 1997 it has discontinued any fiscal association with tobacco and alcohol suppliers, although it still is in receipt of donations from pharmaceutical producers[2].

Several oPS *** PSAs have been criticized for being misleading, sometimes deliberately. Most notably, it was forced to discontinue one which purportedly showed a flat-lining EEG read-out of a drug user's brain, which in fact it was not at all. The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana NOR ML(NORML) also called into question another PSA, which linked statistics relating to violent crime and marijuana use.

counsel lingelling organizations involved with outreach, have also feltPDF A'sPhard linerdline stance against all illegal drugs is unhelpful to their work, believingPD FAt PDFA tends to demonize narcotics use beyond what observation would support and thus can result in a loss of trust by young people when their personal observations of drug use fail to agree with the image that PDFA puts forth."

Can someone clarify if this article from wiki is true. If it is this program is even more jacked up and misleading then i thought. The proof that our government is corrupt is obvious just by looking at the war on drugs. How can they continue to push chemicals like alcohol and tobacco like its apple pie yet when it comes to a marijuana PLANT, Which is proven to be healthier then coffee, remains illegal and worst, is frowned upon by our brainwashed society.LEGALIZE MARIJUANA OR CRIMINALIZE ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO and coffee

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  • 1 decade ago
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    those companies are always trying to "do good" when their products are so harmful. I nearly laugh myself to death when I see a stop smoking ad from Phillip Morse.

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  • 4 years ago

    Hmmm, when I was a Legal Secretary/Paralegal in Los Angeles, I worked at a firm who was helping with the Phillips/Morris Class Action case (All info is public now, by the way) and part of their agreement was that they spend a LOT of money for a very long time on commercials that "offer help to quit smoking" and saying how bad smoking is for you, offering phone numbers where you can get help to quit smoking. This is no lie, I worked in some big firms down there. I think it was meant to make an example out of these companies, and for them to tell the truth about their products and the effects they can have on the public.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, I always bring that up when people ask about the war on drugs.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Puzzling to me.

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