i think im falling for this guy. can anybody help me?

ok so i really really like this guy. i have known him for about a year now and i have this class with him-tech theatre. so we always talk and we always just go over to each other first in a group of ppl. whenever we talk there is ocasianally an akward silence and if there is we just stare at each other like we r gonna just fling ourselves at each other and just start kissing the crap out of each other. but idk if he does like me cause when i asked him if he liked anyone he said no, but he could be lying. idk, he is like perfect, he is shy but really funny. o and today he asked me for my cell #. we also just hung out in costumes 2day and almost kissed but then someone came upstairs to see if anyone was up there. idk its like i love him, he is just so perfect.

so my q is...what should i do?

homecoming is this weekend but we dont dance, so i kinda want to ask him to the football game.

soooooo what should i do???

o and neither of us r going to the dance at all.

i just want to kiss the shiznits out of him!!!!!!!!!!

o and anyone got a song i can send him to express this. preferbly a showtune or alternative.

and also after the football game if we go together i want to kiss him. how should i go about doing this?


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  • 1 decade ago

    aww! he sounds perfect for you!

    well u should ask him to the football game since you guys wont dance at homecoming.

    so when ur at the football game, when u guys look at each other in eyes, get closer and give him a kiss. you should do it when u feel ready.

    well for the song i dont have some for showtune or alternative.

    well i took my time and looked up songs on google. i found this:

    Devin the Dude I Want to Kiss You

  • 1 decade ago

    ya if u guys almost kissed then he def. likes u-just fyi.

    I think u should ask him to the football game. guys who are

    shy move unbearably slow and personally I like to just start dating! lol. so have some girl power and ask him out.

    also, don't send him a song. that's too cheesy i think.

    and as for the kissing, if u whisper in their ear guys like that and get all excited i think, it also makes you closer to the face to lean in.

    good luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    ok look you have to be confident..even if you really not. act like you are. take itnto your own hands. and just kiss him. dont be a whore about it just a normal kiss. guys usually like random. if he like is he will make more moves. but go ahead and make the first. if it dosnet work out there are may fish in the sea. GOOD LUCK!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You should Talk to him... go out with him... kiss...

    Help me please?


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  • not seem so idk... maybe desperate...ig uess not dat sure

    dear god if ur listining stay out of our way

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