Official FIFA 10 Overalls!!!! (PS3 and Xbox 360)?

I only listed the some from the most important clubs:


G. Ochoa 80

O. Rojas 74

R. Rojas 69

A. Mosquera 75

J. Martinez 72

P. Pardo 77

J. Beasejour 73

A. Reyna 72

E. Esqueda 69

D. Montenegro 74

S. Cabanas 80

A. Navarrete 69

J. Valenzuela 71

Rosinei 73

J. Silva 70

A. Chitiva 71

I. Rodriguez 69

Cruz Azul:

J. Corona 76

J. Dominguez 71

H. Cervantes 71

F. Pinto 71

R. Chavez 67

C. Riveros 73

G. Torrado 74

J. Lozano 72

C. Villaluz 72

R. Nunez 69

E. Villa 74

Y. Gutierrez 68

M. Vela 70 (M. Vela? I think they mean A. Vela)

E. Hernandez 70

E. Lugo 70

P. Zeballos 72

E. Andrade 68


L. Michel 73

J. Magallon 73

H. Reynoso 70

A. Galindo 74

S. Ponce 71

X. Baez 69

P. Araujo 70

E. Solis 67

A. Medina 72

R. Morales 72

O. Arellano 72

J. Hernandez 70

G. Pineda 71

M. Fabian 67

O. Bravo 73

S. Avila 69

O. Esparza 67

E. Mejia 67

In Europe:

C. Vela 76

A. Guardado 81

G. Franco 74

M. Layun 60

R. Osorio 74

R. Marquez 84

J. Dos Santos 64 (Damn)

G. Dos Santos 76

I could do whole Mexican League but that is too much to write, just ask me for any other player and I will give you his overall.

I can also give you overalls from the Spanish, English, German, Italian, and French League.

The Mexican players were seriously underrated this year :(



H. Cristante 73

J. Cruzalta 70

E. Duenas 72

F. Gamboa 70

M. De la Torre 71

I. Lopez 71

Sinha 75

M. Romagnoli 73

C. Esquivel 71

N. Calderon 70

H. Mancilla 76

A. Talavera 67

D. Novaretti 70

D. De la Torre 68

M. Almazan 65

V. Marin 71

R. Nava 69

Update 2:

They don't tell me the team's rating just the players ratings :(

Update 3:

Yeah G. Ochoa and Cabanas are the best players in the league.

Update 4:

They don't give MLS ratings but I know for a fact that he is an 80 from the FIFA 10 Demo.

Update 5:

Monarcas Morelia:

M. Munos 74

M. Cabrera 70

F. Salazar 71

M. Romero 74

A. Alderete 70

Wilson Tiago 73

J. Gastelum 68

E. Hernandez 70

H. Droguett 74

Aldo Leao 73

M. Sabah 74

L. Rey 72

L. Sandoval 69

J. Hernandez 67


M. Calero 71

P. Aguilar 69

M. Perez 68

J. Munoz Mustafa 73

C. Rodriguez 68

C. Gimenez 75

J. Torres 73

J. Correa 73

D. Manso 67

D. Alvarez 74

J. Cacho 71

G. Caballero 71

E. Benitez 70

U. Mendivil 70

L. Lopez 73

Update 6:


M. Barbosa 70

M. Mendez 70

H. Ayala 70

I. Fuentes 71

N. Vidrio 68

D. Osorno 70

D. Chavez 69

D. Rios 69

E. Pacheco 71

D. Botinelli 73

G. Vargas 70

L. Robles 68

O. Trujilio 71

R. Jimenez 65

J. Torres Nilo 67

G. Espinoza 68

M. Perez 68

M. Zepeda 68

Update 7:

They don't give me player ratings from the Erevidese League :( ... so I don't know anything about C. Salcido, M. Rodriguez and H. Moreno.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    this stupid man, the EA sports people gotta actually WATCH mexican soccer.

    how is jagger martinez better than pinto?


    how are esqueda and xavi baez worse than pato araujo and villaluz?

    those guys don't even play anymore

    how is el venado better than layun?

    venado SUCKS(but hopefully he gets better)

    Omar Bravo is not better than:




    A vela

    arellano or chicharo

    Alejandro Vela,Reyna, and el Rolfi should be way higher

    Magallon> Galindo

    man this is gay but im still gunna buy it:)

  • Deanna
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    ps3 internet is not whack! i have PSN and it is as smooth as can be. it takes about half the time or less to load an online game, too. PS3 has about 4 times better graphics than Xbox 360. The first thing my brother said when coming back from college and playing a 360 for 6 months, was how much better the PS3 looked than the Xbox 360. Does Xbox 360 have the tochnology to make a game holding 256 people online at once? NO! not even close. get it for ps3, and make the world a better place!

  • mistik
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    FIFA is all about the European clubs. We all know Gio is better than the rating he got, but Im sure they go off by what he has done for his Club which is really nothing. Just a great goal on Champions league. He was in Ipswich Town last season. I know they deserve better ratings but hey, EA is in Canada, what they know about soccer? Plus, most of the FIFA game developers are from the UK, so of course all the premier league teams and the rest of the European teams are great, not that they are not but they are great. I normally use Aston Villa. Rarely use mexican club teams.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Wow chivas is wayyy underrated i mean wtf look at magallon and galindo hos is galindo better than magallon? and pato is good and venado is aight..ramon is too low he should b the highest and chicharo should b a 72 or an 80 since caganas is an 80 and he sucks balls like las wilas

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  • Thanks..!!


    Can you tell me what is Americas Club RATING??

    --- is it 3.5 ??

    So G.Ochoa and Cabanas are the highest from the FMF

    edit: How about C.BLANCO....??

    @ Chivista Rudy #11 Я*Б ---- How the Fk is Chivas Rated a 3.5 when they fkn suck.. they should be like a 2.9

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Guys here are the clubs ratings.

    Chivas- 3.5

    Indios- 2.5

    Monarcas- 3.5

    Monterrey- 3.5

    Pachuca- 3.5

    Puebla- 3

    Queretaro- 2.5

    San Luis- 3

    Santos- 3.5

    Tigres- 3

    Toluca- 3.5

    Tecos- 3

    Gatitos- 3

    America- 3.5

    Atlante- 3

    Atlas- 3

    Chiapas- 3

    Cruz Azul- 3.5

  • 1 decade ago

    Damn chivitas suck, no wonder they're having a terrible season.

  • 1 decade ago

    Wtf they are odee underated wtf

    Pinto 71 he is a 77 wtf he mad good no homo.

    Dos santos a 80 or 79 at least.

    Magallon 77

    Torrado 76

  • 1 decade ago


  • 1 decade ago

    thanks for doing Toluca...

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