so yeah, does he like me/should i just kiss him/help me!?

ok so i really really like this guy. i have known him for about a year now and i have this class with him-tech theatre. so we always talk and we always just go over to each other first in a group of ppl. whenever we talk there is ocasianally an akward silence and if there is we just stare at each other like we r gonna just fling ourselves at each other and just start kissing the crap out of each other. but idk if he does like me cause when i asked him if he liked anyone he said no, but he could be lying. idk, he is like perfect, he is shy but really funny. o and today he asked me for my cell #. we also just hung out in costumes 2day and almost kissed but then someone came upstairs to see if anyone was up there. idk its like i love him, he is just so perfect.

so my q is...what should i do?

homecoming is this weekend but we dont dance, so i kinda want to ask him to the football game.

soooooo what should i do???


o and neither of us arent even going to the dance at all

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes thats a great idea dont just kiss him that could become awkward. Ya homecoming may be a bit overwhelming for a guy but asking him to the football game is an amazing idea. First off its a little more casual and you will be able to talk with him (dont tell him you like him yet though) wait till homecoming and if he goes (im guessing you will go to) dance with him and when you get the chance tell him you like him and if the moments right you may get your kiss. But ya if you two almost kissed he definitely likes you (I would never think of kissing someone I was not really attracted to).

    EDIT: lol ok thanks for telling me ok then i would recommend telling him at the game you like him and maybe you will get your kiss =)

    Source(s): Me a high school Senior Guy
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well he obviously likes you, he probably meant he doesnt like anyone else. Just ask him, I seriously doubt he will say no. If he does you still havnt lost anything. Good Luck!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You don't have to wait for him. gowith what you feel is right

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