what do you think? what are my downfalls, my good points? what do you recommend?

Class schedule and grade

1st semester 2nd semester

* Grade after slash is with 7 bonus points

Middle school

h alg 1: 95/102 96/103

h geo:99/106 99/106

span 1:99 99

9th grade

h 9 lit: 93/100 97/104

h alge 2: 99/106 99/106

h span 2:99/106 99/106

select women (mid level chorus):100 100

h bio: 97/104 98/105

poli scie: 100


10th grade

h chem: 98/105 99/106

H 10 lit:99/106 98/105

h span 4: 98/105 99/106

ap world: 95/102 96/103

chorale (highest chorus):100 100

h pre cal: 98/105

11th grade

ap bio: 95/102 97/104

ap lang: 94/101 96/103

ap us his: 96/105 97/106

ap cal bc: 94/101 93/100

ap span lang:98/106 97/104

chorale:100 100

12th grade (projection grades-based on midterm grading)

ap econ: 97/104


chorale: 100

ga tech cal:91/98 (egh....)

ap span lit:95/102

college english:98/106

ap physics:99/107





ACT: 36


In school:


Cross-country-varsity 4 years

Swim team-varsity 4 years

Track-varsity 4 years


Musical theater-3 years, 10th and 11th grade-lead character

Color guard: 2 years

Debate ( 3 years)


Multicultural club (founder): 10-12th grade (also president)

Spanish club-secretary 9th-12th grade


National honor society-11th and 12th (vp in 12th)

Beta-(president 10th-12th grade)


Key (founding member) (vp 11th, presi 12th)

Ambassador (founding member): (co-president 11-12th)

Mentor (big brother/big sister)(founder)- I organize everything, there is no “president”, but if there was one, I would be it

World Health club (founder)-11th -12th president

Straight up leadership

Class council: president of class all 4 years

Chorus council-(9th grade president of class, 10th-11th grade vp of chorus, 12th grade president)

FCA Monday night main chair (presidentish)-10th -12th grade

Homecoming committee(chair, head chair 11(ish) 12)

Prom committee (head chair)

Snowcoming (head chair/my idea)

Pep rally committee (chair-9-10, head chair 11-12)

LSAC- ( bimonthly meetings with teachers, PTSA president (mom), principal)

Honor Societies

National English honor society

National Science honor society

Spanish honor society

World Language honor society

Random clubs:

Medical club (founder 12th grade president)

A cappella chorus group (10-12th)

Video game club( possibly the most awesome club I was ever in) 9th-12th grade

Out of school


Youth leadership

Youth mentor

Manager of Musical for the little kids


Star volunteen (volunteered most hours at hospital-teenager)-volunteer at least 4 hours/week during school year, 12 hours during summer

Volunteered for 3 summers in a row


Volunteered over 300 hours there (includes middle school..haha)

Habitat for Humanity

Hours donated-75-100, I don’t quite know, yet


I do ballet ( 1 hour a week) I have had 8 recitals for the past 3 ½ years. I also help with the younger students.



all state: all 6 years

acda-6 year

district honor chorus-7 years

Reading chorus-3 years


School academic awards: all 3 years, all together 8 awards (math, science, valedictorian of class 2 years, lang/lit)

Governor honor’s program: lang (10th grade) Spanish (11th grade)

Spanish competition: 3rd place in county, 2nd place in county, 3rd place in county

Science fair: placed 1st place in school and county (9-11th grade) 3rd in state (9th grade) 2nd in state (10th grade) 1st in state (11th grade) (all in 1 category)

Social science fair: state winner in 7th grade

My reflections has always made county, in 7,8,9,10,and 11 grade it has made state

Math: multiple awards, not that high,

Debate: over the 3 years I have collected award 40-45 “awards” I usually make semi-finals (I do speech), I have lettered for the past 2 years, hopefully this year too!

will be Salutatorian or valedictorian


Xc: In a typical invitational I usually make top 10, I have around 26 medal and 10 trophies, I will probably letter all 4 years. Our team (girl) last year was 2nd in county, eh…13th or 14th in state…that was our best year

Swim: I place in top 5 in a typical meet, since season has not started I can’t tell all the medals and trophies I have won, I have lettered 3 years, likely to letter this year unless something bad happens

Track: I do hurdles and sprint, I place in the teens or higher in a typical meet or invitational, since season has not started I can’t tell all the medals and trophies I have won, I have lettered 3 years, likely to letter this year unless something bad happens

My downfalls:

I will be only able to get 2 of my past teachers to give me a recommendation, my teachers don’t like to very much.

I will not include that I am a part of mission life and republican club, but if it comes up, idk.


i don't really trust my friend's opinion, since they are in the same exact boat as me or have really low expectations of themselves. (most plan on going to a local community college),my mom never went to college, and i avoid my dad unless i need money.

I avoid my councilor for many reason, the first being, she gives absolutely no good advice. I once had a question about my schedule (what period is lunch-it is combined with a period, i did not know(freshman)), she replied i should take lower level classes, otherwise i would be showing off, yeah right.

i have a meeting with a college advisor this weekend( go over resume) I went to one before to talk about potiental colleges, which will be best, stuff like that. I just want to get an idea on what i need to embellish, what is needed to tone down. what are the out right flaws, etc. Obviously, most advice here is useless, but i figured i probably could get at least one good answer.

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    lemme tell u this u are going to go to a very good college and becoming a very sucessful person. ur transcript is beyond amazing

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    Seriously? If all of that information is true you shouldn't have any trouble getting into any school. How do your teachers not like you? Not like it matters since you should be able to get into most with only 2 teacher recommendations (plus others from principals or counselors).

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  • 1 decade ago

    None of that will mean anything if you don't have any social skills. Given that you're asking this on Yahoo Answers rather than asking a friend or even an academic professional, I think you're screwed.

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  • 1 decade ago

    What is this.....a short story?!

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  • 6 years ago


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