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Which book should i read?

I have to choose a book for an independent novel assignment.. i was absent the day that the choices were given out so i just received them today and we have to turn in our preference tomorrow.. soo if any of these are really really good please let me know

Robinson Crusoe- Daniel Defoe

Pride and Prejudice- jane austen

1984- george orwell

oliver twist- charles dickens

mrs. dalloway- virginia wolff

and then there were none- agatha christie

anansi boys- neil gailman

vanity fair- william thackeray

small gods- terry pratchett

all creatures great and small- james herriot

lord of the flies- william golding

brideshead revisited- evelyn waugh

the power and the glory- graham greene

treasure island- robert louis stevenson

lord jim- joesph conrad

gullivers travels- jonathan swift

frakenstein- mary shelley

dracula- bram stoker

jude the obscure- thomas hardy

passage to india-e.m forster

the quiet american- graham greene

war of the worlds- h.g. wells

im looking for a book thats good and a pretty easy read.. ive read treasure island before and i wasnt a fann

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    Whatever you do, *don't* pick Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Terry Pratchett or William Thackeray.

    Mind you, those are fabulous books, I've read all four of those you cite (and more), but they're not short -let alone easy. However, do read them later, in your leisure time: they're really worth the time (especially Austen and Dickens).

    Read them when you have the time to dwell into their wonderful styles, stop to search a word that is no longer in use every chapter or two, finish them without pressure (or even realizing you were about to finish!). If you like reading, you'll probably be left hungry for more (again, especially Austen and Dickens).

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    I would pick Mrs Dalloway. It is quite short, and is a surprisingly easy read. I would rate it amongst one of the best books ever written. But it is more challenging than some on the list.

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    Lord of the Flies is a pretty easy read. It's a little over 100 pages. Plus there's a movie that follows the book pretty closely in case you don't have enough time to read it.

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    Alright, first off, I LOVE that Anansi Boys and Small Gods are on your reading list. That's awesome! Second, Anansi Boys is a very captivating read, especially if you have even a minor interest in trickster gods.

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    Dracula is pretty amazing. Working on an essay on it right now, actually. Frankenstein would be my next choice.

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