Will spin dry on my washing machine shrink clothes?

Recently, ive been hand washing my clothes in the bath tub because i want to take a little more care of my new clothes.

But when i wash it in the bath tub, i cant squeeze enough of the excess water out and it takes double the time to dry.

I prefer to air dry my clothes as it doesnt wrinkle them.

I was wondering, if i put my wet clothes in the washing machine and put it on 'spin dry' will it make my clothes shrink ?.

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    Shrinkage is caused by three things: water, heat and movement. To answer your question, the spin dry on you machine should not pose a problem except on clothing sensitive to "mechanical shrinkage like cashmere, angora and other luxury wools". Water, no matter the temperature can make fibers shrink. It all depends on the weave, construction and fiber. There is no "one rule" about clothes. Who remembers rayon in the 80's when it shrunk in the rain? Heat actually is not a "cause" of shrinkage but it is the catalyst that makes the shrinkage caused by the water visible and even worse. The heat removes the water and the fibers shrink much like a kitchen sponge shrinks when it is dry.

    Anyway, the simple answer is no, in general the spin cycle will not shrink your clothes. The other person is also right in saying that today's machines can do the same as hand washing with the exception of over sized items or "dip and hang" clothes.

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    How ever much a garment will shrink - it will happen the first time you wash it. After that - its just smaller cause your getting bigger. Hand washing your clothes is nutty - your washing machine no doubt has a gentle cycle and you can use tepid water and wash for 5 or 10 or more minutes, all machines have those controls.

    The only way a washing machine can damage your clothes is if you throwing rocks in there. Oh yes, you can use just the "spin dry" if you want to get more moisture out of your clothes. I think standing by your machine and putting it through its paces is a lot easier on your hands and back then hand washing, but to each his/her own.

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    No, only heat will shrink your clothes. You can wash them on a very gentle, cold cycle in your machine and get them cleaner than a bathtub without shrinking them. You can even put them in the dryer for about 2 minutes to get rid of the wrinkles and then hang them to dry.

    I do that all the time and nothing has ever shrunk. It's warm/hot water and a drying cycle which will shrink things.

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    Hot water is what shrinks clothes; not spin drying.

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    no, to shrink clothes soak them in hot water then dry it by a heated dryer

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