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What did Aeschylus mean by "In war, truth is the first casualty"?

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    In order to fight a war, to start a war, you have to lie. The aggressor usually says it's only defending itself. Wars of conquest are disguised as 'liberation', and invasion and occupation is usually characterized as being in the interest of the 'victims'. And those who disagree are silenced as unpatriotic or subversive.

    This is true of the Roman Empire marching into one territory after another in Europe, and before that the Greeks. It's true of Hitler marching into Czechoslovakia and Poland at the start of WWII. It's been true in almost every war the US has been involved in. For instance, at the end of WWII 'The Department of War' was renamed 'The Department of Defense', even though we haven't fought a true defensive war since 1812-14.

    In the first Gulf War, GHW Bush said that Saddam Hussein had plans to invade every other country in the Middle East and that US satellite photos showed Iraqi troops massed on the border of Saudi Arabia. That turned out to be a lie. They trotted out a Kuwaiti girl who told a tearful story of babies taken out of incubators in Kuwaiti hospitals, left on the floor to die so the Iraqis could steal the incubators. That was quickly shown to be a lie. Bush said he was restoring democracy in Kuwait but it had never actually been a democracy before and certainly wasn't afterwards.

    In the current Gulf War, GW Bush lied about Saddam's nuclear intentions, his possession of enormous amounts of WMD, his plans and capability to attack the US and England, etc.etc. When one reason for invading Iraq was disproven and discredited, Bush would simply drop it and trot out another. There is a website somewhere that lists 20 of these reasons, ALL lies. He lied about our intention to 'liberate' Iraq and form a truly democratic government. These were just the lies told at the start of the war, in order to bring the American people along with the war. Then for six years he lied about our progress there, said we were constantly, steadily making progress. He lied about torture and rendition, about the cost of the war, etc. All in all he told more lies than he told the truth. And anyone who disagreed with him was smeared as anti-American.

    This is nothing new, EVERY war begins this way.

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    What did Aeschylus mean by "In war, truth is the first casualty"?

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    The words "holy war" are incompatible with Islamic teachings. The arabic word jihad is often mistranslated into holy war. Jihad means "to struggle against evil for the sake of God" It starts with your own soul (jihad ul nufz) or struggle of the soul. Jihad could also be a war against evil, oppression, slavery, etc. If there is an evil presence that threatens Muslims, we are obliged to fight until they are defeated or they surrender. At that point, we must not raise our arms against them and provide them a safe return to their home. Islam, in NO WAY, condones aggression, only protection and defense. BTW, very seldom have Muslims STARTED a war. Usually what I see is only the Muslim attacks making the headlines when if you dig into the story a little bit, it is fighting back against aggression. This is permitted. However, at NO TIME, and under NO CIRCUMSTANCE is a Muslim permitted to harm non combatants, women, children, elderly or handicap. These are strict rules in the Qur'an and obviously, these suicide bombers just want to kill people. This is NOT Islam but the lack thereof because if they followed the teachings of Islam, every innocent person's life would be forbidden to them and it is according to the Qur'an and the sunnah (example of prophet Muhammad) Allah says in the Qur'an "fight those who fight you until oppression is no more" He also says if they lay down there arms and seek forgiveness to have mercy on them and free them or keep them as POWs while teaching them Islam and allowing them the SAME rights you have. Islam is perfect and all the negative media is one sided. Sure, there are bad Muslims out there but they do not get their evil from Islam. It is their own souls that refuse the peace of Islam. When you say Muslims have killed more people I ask than who have they killed more people? Christian nations bomb Muslims as we speak, killing hundreds of thousands in Iraq and millions over the past decade because of sanctions and depleted uranium. Who kills who and who starts what? Jews expel Arabs from their homes and kill their families in Palestine and when the Muslims fight back, they are terrorists? I would be happy to provide you with information on Islam but first you have to learn to question things around you and not just accept what the news man says or what you hear. Proof is a must in Islam. Blind following of ANY kind is forbidden. May Allah guide you. I hope you find the true Light of Islam. And no, Muslims are NOT taught to achieve global domination. Allah says in the Qur'an "There is no compulsion in religion" and only permits fighting when absolutely necessary to stop an evil or in defense. Some people should really have a clue before they post. Islam teaches us to respect the people of the Book (Christians and Jews) and treat them as our own. Ignorant people need not reply.

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    When it comes to war, truth is the first thing to go. "All is fair in love and war." Lie to win.

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    911 was NOT an inside job.

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    9/11 was an inside job.

    BOOOM! now thats a first. (yea, right.)

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