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What do you think of the names for my story? Please answer.?

What do you think of the names in my story? I can Change them at any time so please be kind but critical. Oh and don't criticize saying the characters are sterotypical, because they really aren't I just had to write out short things and so I just chose short things that kind of meant what they are.

Alex (Girl, Main character, if you don't like it don't suggest a long name because it's typed alot and I hate writing out wicked long names. Also I need a middle name for it)

Sage (Girl, I really like this name. Oppinuons? And middle name suggestions)

Olliver (Boy, and he's a jerk need middle name)

Gavin (Boy, shy middle name needed)

Carly (Baby Girl need middle name)

Isabella Rose (girl)

Melody James (*****)

Natalia Morton (Girl, jerk)

Aoura (has OCD need middle name)

Scarlett Olivia (Girl)

Cassandra (Cassie) (Need middle name, girl, cheerleader)

Leah Joy (Girl)

Carter Nathaniel (Boy)

Abreleen Blue (Girl)

Luna Elizabeth (Lizzie) (Girl)

Quinn Tessa (Girl)

Maeve (Need middle name girl)

Annelise Marie (Girl)

Note: Some of these are very minor characters that were mentioned only once or twice.


Thanks Philip

And sage has these really weird hippy, scientist parents and her siblings have weird hippy names too

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    They're very good! I like them a lot. Very original.

    Alex is simple but still good. Middle name: Alex Vera.

    Sage. Love that name. But "oppinuons" is not a word. Opinions is more like it! (Sage Winter.)

    Olliver. Not really liking the two "l's". Olliver Crispian.

    Gavin...really like it! Gavin Felix.

    Carly. I like the spelling, much better than Carley. Maybe Carly Rose?

    Isabella Rose. Good, but don't give her Bella for a nickname.

    Melody James. Really good, I like the irony.

    Natalia Morton. Perfect for a jerk, haha.

    Aoura. Too weird. Do you like Aura? Just a suggestion. Aoura Poppy.

    Scarlett Olivia. I love, love the name Scarlett. It's beautiful.

    Cassandra. Cassie's a nice nickname, especially for a cheerleader. Cassie Faye.

    Leah Joy. Is Joy her last name? If it is, I'd change it. Maybe Leah Davenly?

    Cater Nathaniel. Flows well.

    Abreleen Blue. Strange first name. Reminds be of Aberdeen, Scotland.

    Luna Elizabeth. Definitely stick with Lizzie for most of the story. I think of Luna Lovegood when I hear Luna.

    Quinn Tessa. I think of a cooking show or an exotic food..don't know why, though.

    Maeve. My favorite! I love this name! It's wonderful and I think Maeve Muna is pretty.

    Annelise Marie. I also like Annelise, but I'm used to the spelling Anneliese.

    Good luck on your story! I wasn't very critical, but I honestly like most of them.

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    Sage? thats about the only one i would disagree with lol i was thinking maybe changing that to like something less fantasy? but then again it may be a fantasy story, so anyway the rest are pretty good, and they're not overused too much which is good

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