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Do Sauna/Steam Rooms Help You Loose Weight?

How much at a time?

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    They do help you to loose weight, but is is basically water weight and when you leave the steam/sonna room and you may want something to drink you will jut put the weight of the fluids back into your body that you lost. Say you lost 75 -100cc of fluid for 30 minutes of sitting in the steam room. If you grab a can of soda afterwards because you are thirsty you will actually be adding more fluids than you lost because a single can of soda is 360cc of fluid. Basically you are just sweating and could possibly dehydrate yourself if you took it to a longer period of time such as hours at a time. I would say do it to relax and make your muscles and body feel refreshed after a long day at work or after you workout.

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): Dustin L Joines, SPN Nursing School-WCC
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    Saunas don't burn fat in the body. it just takes of water weight in your body through sweating, which is readily replaced by fluids we drink. if you really want to loose weight, only exercise and good diet works.

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