What are 'CHRISTIAN" names to you?

What would you consider to be a Christian name or very Christiany

Just so you know, I am not saying that Christians own the rates to any name

I am just curious as to see what people think of as Christian names or associate with Christianity


TO κατιε luκε chαrlοττε ~drορlετs

I think because the name sounds nice to many people

Also, it means 'Christlike"

So, if you are religious, it is a really nice meaning for a name

I actually asked a question just now, and someone said they had met an Atheist with the name Christian

It is all about people's taste. Like Olivia is a really popular name, but I do not like it for myself

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    That would also be a cultural thing. Generally speaking names from the Bible of name of Saints for those who believe in them are deemed Christian. However American Christians being generally speaking Protestants would consider names from the whole of the Bible mainly as Christian names, whereas Europeans being mainly Catholic would go for Saints names or New Testament names first. A name like Ruth or Rachel or Aaron for example is found in the Bible and therefore in America would generally be deemed Christian. Whereas here in Europe (at least predominantly Catholic countries, so let's exclude England for example) we would consider these names as Jewish, whereas John, Mary, Luke or Magdalene would be seen Christian in their different national version (in France for example Jean, Marie et Madeleine or other less known saints like Genevieve, Therese, Charles, etc...)

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    Biblical Names

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    To me, an atheist, the only names that scream 'Christian' to be are names with "Christ" in them, like Christian or Christine. Many atheists do use biblical names because they are well-established, handsome, legitimate names. I really, really don't mean to cause offense when I say this, but many atheists consider using names from The Bible the very same as using the name Caspian (a name from The Chronicles of Narnia). As in, they consider them literary names which sound nice and look nice.

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    Names from Christmas;

    Noelle, Noel, Eve, Noah, Eden, Nicholas, Gabriel, Jasper.. etc

    or names from the bible; Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Roman

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    Names that I associate with Christianity: Noah, Jonah, Gabriel, Mary, Joseph, Adam, Eve, Eden, etc. I like most of these names even though I'm not a theist. I love the name Christian yet I'm not one - strange, right?!

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    When someone asks for Christian names, I assume they mean names from the Bible.

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    I would consider names from the actual bible to be "christiany". There are bad ones and good ones, of course. Delilah, Jezebel, Rachel, Esther, Ruth, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, etc. I would prefer to use "christian" itself. (i.e. Christian Bale) Lol, I love him. ;)

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    Christian names to me are names from the bible, or names that have a religious meaning. My middle name means "Who is like God?", names that have religious meanings are "Christian" names to me.

    Biblical names:


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    I have a friend and their little girls name is Genesis, after the first book of the Bible

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    i would consider any bible or saint name to be Christian. there are obvious ones to me like Joseph Mary, Michael, Jacob, Abraham Sarah, Rebekah, Elizabeth.

    but there are all kinds of Saint's names that ppl don't even know. we picked Anastasia for our daughters MN.

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