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How ferocious are Doberman dogs?

What rank would they get when it comes to ferociousness and strength. And could you give me the list of other dog breeds that are more powerful than doberman.


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    Dobermans are definitely good guard dogs and they are very intelligent. My boyfriend has a doberman and his family has had dobermans for 25 or so years now and they absolutely love the breed. They're fast due to their sleek stature, they are strong, smart, obedient, but I wouldn't go far enough to say they are ferocious. Dobermans are not vicious, stubborn, dangerous, malicious, violent, or anything like that. As a matter of fact, they tend to be very friendly unless they feel threatened, but even then, they hesitate to bite. They usually issue a warning by barking/growling rather than just attacking as other breeds would (like the german shepherd for example). The doberman looks intimidating and has the ability to be aggressive, but they definitely make very intelligent, loving, and obedient family pets. If you're looking for a more ferocious breed or a breed more keen on attacking or biting, id suggest a german shepherd, rottweiler, pit bull, or akita. I hope this helps!

    Source(s): Lots of experience with dogs. I have a german shepherd, my boyfriend has a dobie.
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    Doberman s can be extremely ferocious if they have a reason to be. e.g. in a fight with another dog or protecting the family they belong to. that said there rarer cases where they ve been brought up in questionable situations and mistreated and neglected, some dogs this doesn t have too much an adverse affect on but not Dobermans... they have to be reared right otherwise they are dangerous period and yes like what s already been said i have been around doberman that were quirky and moody and not to be trusted to not go off and bite someone for not very good reasons so they must be raised properly than i think they are excellent family dogs

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    There is no such thing as a ferocious breed of dog. A couple of major factors determine an animals behavior one being the animals lineage. Be sure that the person you get the dog from knows what they are doing. A breeder who breeds their dog more often than she should be will end up causing her to have pups more inclined to have nasty little tempers. The reason for this is that a mother dog should only have pups like once a year (i think don't quote me on this, you should ask a vet for specific details) but anyways if the female is bred too soon after her last set of pups, her body will be unable to produce the amount of necessary nutrients for these next pups. This often will cause the pups to have deficiencies and if done too many times (3rd and 4th litters) can turn out to be moodier dogs. For this reason I would suggest trying to find a breeder with lots of experience or one who has a dog with a first litter. Another thing you need to consider is how you will treat this dog. DO NOT get a dog (any kind) if you are going to mistreat it! Any dog can be turned mean. Just like people, animals react to their upbringing and surroundings. Whatever you do don't get a dog like this from a pet store. While they are nice for things like birds and other small pets, these stores when carrying pups and kittens often get them from suppliers commonly referred to as "Puppy Mills" this is almost a sure fire way to get a pup with temperment problems. Just make sure you do plenty of research and you will find the right dog for you! Good luck and Happy hunting!

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    I have a Doberman and he's not "ferocious" at all despite what the media would like you to believe. There are Dobermans who can compete in competitive sports like Schutzhund, and they're capable of police work. But "ferocious" dogs are usually the result of poor breeding and/or poor training.

    You can look at Youtube for videos of Dobermans 'working.'

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    Dobermans are not "ferocious." They are intelligent, alert, affectionate and easily trained. Their instinct to protect their family is strong. All of these qualities make them good guard dogs, *if* that is what they are trained to do.

    I grew up with dobermans, most of them were actually very timid. But boy, were people ever scared of them when they barked!

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    The bull Mastiff breeds are probably the most "powerful" breeds. Though the pit-bull and American bulldog are pretty close. Dobermans are more athletic than powerful, although they are very strong.

    I wonder what the purpose of your question is though? Are you looking for a guard dog? If you are planning to train a dog to act aggressively I hope you are prepared to take the responsibilities that come with that.

    If you need security I suggest calling ADT, or getting yourself a pistol.

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    Poor breeding had reduced the Dobermann to a shadow of the working protection dog it was created to be, but is an effective visual deterrent.

    The average show Dobermann is now bred to have a soft temperament to cater to the pet market & back yard breeders are adding weak nerved dog to the gene pool & helping to ruin the breed as a whole.

    A mentally sound, obedience trained Dobermann is not randomly ferocious.

    Belgian Malinois are now more commonly used to work as protection dogs.

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    My sisters pug is ten times more ferocious than my doberman.

    Hope that helped! LOL

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    Well bred, sound dogs are NOT ferocious, regardless of breed.

    And most of the "guarding" "protection" breeds that you see nowadays (like German Shepherds, Dobies, Rotties, etc) are so overbred by people who want the look, but not the working ability that they are no more effective at guarding/protection than your average Lab would be.

    Powerful is relative.

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    By ferocious I'll assume you mean aggressive and or improperly trained. Hopefully not at all. Misplaced aggression and shy behaviour are temperament faults. If you are referring to working protection dogs or police dogs they are trained to restrain with bite until they are called off. They are not to make the decision to bite without being commanded by their handler.

    My dobe is very stable and loving. He's never shown any agression, and if he ever did it would be redirected and corrected.

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