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Children's Place clothes?

Every time I wash my daughter's Children's Place long sleeved shirts, they come out with dark spots on them. I wash with Ivory liquid soap, so I've tried the Ivory powder and it does the same thing. This happens EVERY time. Does this happen to anyone else? This does not happen with other clothes, only the Children's Place clothes. I do not use liquid softener. I also tried putting the soap before and after the water, no luck.

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    You need to call the customer service #. I used to work at Gymboree and there is nothing the individual store can do for you except do a return. Customer service is able to do alot mmore than a cashier or a store manager. Explain to them the problem and ask them if they will let you return the clothes to your nearest CP store. I am not aware of there return policy but it will not hurt one bit to call customer service. If they tell you there is nothing they can do it is a lie because customer service is apart of corporate and tell them they lost a customer.

    If you use twitter see if they are on twitter you will get an answer before you can even pick up the phone.

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    It's never happened to me personally and I LOVE CP clothes for my daughter. I had a couple pairs of jeans from CP and the zippers failed after she had only worn them a couple times. I sent an email to CP and they sent me a return label and sent me out a couple new pairs no questions asked. You could try that with the shirts. I can't think of any reason why ONLY the CP shirts and no others would get spots on them except for some kind of defect with the dye or fabric.

  • I love shopping at the Children's Place and I have never had a problem with their clothes. This sounds really odd to me.

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    That's really weird. It has never happened to me. wish I could help. Maybe call the store and see if it has happened to anyone else in your area....

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  • never had that problem before with childrens place clothing, they are great

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