I am looking for a 2009 small SUV or station wagon. That will last me for at least 7 years.?

What will be a good choice for around the 20 k

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    You should strongly consider the Ford Flex. It's an absolutely superb vehicle that almost-perfectly matches your definition as being both, a small SUV and station wagon. It is one of the best made most comfortable vehicles you can own. It's an award-winner including "best road-trip vehicle drive cross-country" by Kelly Blue Book.


    The base trim Flex SE starts at $28,800. Current rebates and incentives vary from $3,000 to $4,500, and you can likely qualify for another $750-$1,500 in additional incentives. Furthermore, even if you only negotiate to buy one "at invoice" (a very fair deal for both you and the dealer), you would wind-up being VERY close to $21,000 (if not less). You can extend the warranty to 7 years and 100,000 miles for as little as $1,200.00 to give you complete protection for as long as you drive it.

    Not only would this be an exceptional value, it would provide you with a vehicle that you would WANT to drive for the next 7 years. Even if you choose a different vehicle, you should at least drive the Flex so you know what you'd be giving-up. You'll not find a higher-quality vehicle capable of comfortably seating 7 adults anywhere NEAR that price.

    Furthermore, you'd be doing yourself the favor of supporting the only American vehicle manufacturer who has earned a right to exist by the quality of its vehicles. Rather than changing at gunpoint, and after receiving $50B in free government money and stiffing its creditors, Ford had the foresight and wherewithal back in 2006 to grab itself by its own bootstraps and realize it needed to focus on the two key elements necessary for its survival, product and customers. And it shows.

    Ford has never built better, more exciting, or more reliable vehicles; and Ford has even surpassed Toyota in overall reliability. And during these existential economic times, the dollars we all spend very-much determine which companies will continue to have a chance to build the products we buy and create the jobs we depend-upon. And in this case, by supporting the one company that has earned the right to your support, you'd also be doing yourself the favor of owning one of the very best vehicles of its type in the world today.

    Some other Flex reviews:





    Best of luck. I hope this helps.

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    Any of them you find, even for this price point, will last that long. All cars, trucks and SUVs can give good service for more than 7 years.

    You should be able to get a deal on a Saturn Vue in that price range. Also maybe a Hyundai or Kia.

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    We once rented a Chevrolet HHR on vacation.We drove it far everyday and I can't say how much we were impressed with it.I even pulled over and looked under the hood to see what size V6 it was.It was a 4 cylinder! Great power and economy.It seats 4 adults comfortably and can haul a bunch of stuff too.Maintain it according to their manual and you should get ten or more years easily.A fully maintained car has a much better resale value too.

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    Hyundia and Kia sell small SUVs for about 20k. If your budget permits, a lot more choices at 25-30k.

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    you probably ain't going to find anything that cheap that's a 2009 but a used explorer or durango will suit you just fine. stay away from anything with a bowtie though...you know what they say chevorloet...Cheap Heap Every Valve Rattles Oil Leaks Engine Ticks. or only pus*** wear bowties and only pus*** drive bowties.

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    Buy a Volvo V70 but you'll have to go older than 2009 to get one in your price range.

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