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Is the NFL a socialist organization?

Particularly compared to European soccer leagues.

Why should the best players have a 'cap' on their wages? This doesn't happen overseas. Since they're better at their job, shouldn't they get paid tons more?

Why do even the consistently losing teams, who have thousands of empty seats, get to stay afloat because of the 'profit-sharing'? Isn't that just the same as 'redistributing wealth'?

Isn't it funny that European countries, who we all call "socialist", have capitalist-oriented sports leagues?

Since it's football that's the REAL national sport, shouldn't we model it after our values? Doesn't this make us hypocrites?

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    You make an interesting point but there are so many ways around the salary cap.

    The NFL is running a business. They have 32 teams operating in the NFL. NFL does well by capping the salaries for players who do the same job. Those who do well earn incentives such as bonuses, salary incentives, endorsements, longer contracts, etc.

    Therefore, it has just as many or more capitalist values then it has socialist.

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    The collective bargaining agreement runs out next year, so there won't be a salary cap. The salary cap is for teams, not on individuals. This is why Haynesworth got a $100 million contract (7 yrs) vs someone who is making the league minimum (around a half million).

    Profit sharing was agreed upon by both the league and the team owners... it was not forced.

    No. It does not make us, or the league, hypocrites.

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    Well as the NFL is a Private company they can run their league however they want to run it. They use profit sharing because they realize that they can't make money with only a few cities having teams that are viable....would you like the NFL if it was only in maybe 10-15 cities. It would not be as profitable as a whole.

    "Why should the best players have a 'cap' on their wages" , I agree with this some what but also how can people in a "union" negotiate their own contracts??

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    Most in the NFL are regular's on Hannity on Fox news, so no, they are not liberals.. they worked hard to get where they are at..

    Its the celebrities who don't deserve millions per movie, what a joke! All they do is memorize lines, most never went to college. Nancy Pelosi gave them a TAX BREAK in that last bill- its all political and just greed from the rich and famous in Hollywood. I think there is alot more conservatives in Hollywood than we think. The smart ones just don't go around pressuring people and treating them like crap-

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    Of course not. Each team, except Green Bay, has an owner (or owners) that control their team and decide what to do with profits. This question doesn't even make sense..

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    Well, first off, the NFL is a private corporation, not the government. People can opt out of the NFL and take up some other line of work, if they wish. We can't "opt out" of an onerous government unfunded mandate.

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    Read this article, it will answer all your questions.

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