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suffix "itis" is it for inflammation or infection?

suffix "itis" is it for inflammation or infection??

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    There is no specific suffix meaning infection. The suffix -itis applies to any condition that involves inflammation. Arthr/itis is an example of an inflammatory condition that doesn't involve infection.

    Since all infections produce inflammation, and there is no suffix for infection, the suffix -itis is used to refer to infections. So, while it is usually safe to assume that when someone has appendicitis, there is infection present in the appendix, the term appendic/itis only indicates with certainty that there is inflammation present, which may or may not involve infection.

    Source(s): RN Author medical language texts
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    Suffix Itis

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    Itis Suffix

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    Inflammation (which may be caused by infection of course).

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    "itis" means inflammation...

    For Example:

    1. mening-itis(Meningitis): this means the inflammation of the layers covering the brain

    2. pleur-itis(Pleuritis): this means the inflammation of the layers of the Lungs

    3.bronch-itis(Bronchitis): this means the inflammation of the outer layers of bronchus

    Source(s): Human Anatomy books
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