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What was the role of the jesuits in the counter reformation?

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    The Society of Jesus (Latin: Societas Iesu, S.J. and S.I. or SJ, SI) is a Catholic religious order of clerks regular whose members are called Jesuits.

    Jesuits are the largest male religious order in the Catholic Church, with 18,815 members—13,305 priests, 2,295 scholastic students, 1,758 brothers and 827 novices—as of January 2008, although the Franciscan family of first orders OFMs, Capuchins, and Conventuals has more total members. The average age of the Jesuits in 2008 was 63.01 for priests, 30.01 for scholastics, 65.06 for Brothers, and an overall average of 57.53 years.

    Jesuit priests and brothers are engaged in ministries in 112 nations on six continents. They are best known in the fields of education (schools, colleges, universities, seminaries, theological faculties), intellectual research, and cultural pursuits. They are also known in missionary work, social justice and human rights activities, inter-religious dialogue, and other 'frontier' ministry.

    The Society of Jesus is consecrated under the patronage of Madonna Della Strada, a title of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and it is led by a Superior General, currently Adolfo Nicolás. The headquarters of the Society, its General Curia, is in Rome. The historic curia of St. Ignatius is now part of the Collegio del Gesù attached to the Church of the Gesù, the Jesuit Mother Church.

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    Jesuits Reformation

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    Get your facts straight before making any accusations. I am a member of the KC and Jesuits have nothing to do with it. They are a tremendous group - in their educational institutes they promote questioning anything and everything. They are among the best educational institutes around. I KNOW they had nothing to do with the Irish famine. You must not have anything to do to make up this ridiculous nonsense.

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