DAN BROWN said that his books are "fiction". What if I will make a novel about his wife being RAPED?

Would he like it?


Or his children being raped also.

Well, that is just a fiction.:)

A novel. lol

Update 2:


I hope you get my point.

Dan Brown uses "real" and "sensitive" things which he uses for his profit like the Church, Mary, the Opus Dei and even Jesus Christ.

Fabricating the truth and making his "own" story.

He will the call it "a novel".

Update 3:

This man made his own living out of his deceptions.

Update 4:

Can he make a good book which can inspire every reader to be just, righteous and a bettr person?

Why lies?

Simply because "attacking the Church and Christ is a strong business".

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I agree with you. The fact that the book is fiction doesn't alter the fact that it is a sustained attack on the Catholic church, Opus Dei etc.

    I assume that he must have a dislike of the Catholic church or he would choose to demonise it in this way. He clearly has hostility towards the church, or he would not have chosen to write this particular type of fiction.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You can write a book about anything that you like. That is the beauty of freedom of speech isn`t it ?

    Nobody has to like it, but you have every right to write it.

    You cannot say that Mary and Jesus or any other faith group figures are real as none of them are supported by real history. They too are from the realms of fiction for most of us.

    Fiction writers make a living out of telling stories, that is what their job as a novelist entails.

    They are not lies, they are stories. Do you think Winnie the Pooh or Alice`s Adventures in Wonderland are `lies` ?

    Do you think that the the Holy Books of other religions, The Avesta or The Rig Veda for instance are real accounts of actual historical events ?

    Well, that is exactly how so many of us see your Holy Book, just a fantasy, fictional book full of magic and fairytales.

    Why don`t you write a book about raping Dan Brown`s wife then ?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Why do you let his books bother you? I am a Christian minister and I find his books very entertaining. He is one of my favorite authors. The key to reading any fictional book is to understand that it is just that, fiction. I do agree that he appears to have a dislike for the Catholic Church though, but where did he attack Christ? Is it because he implies Jesus was not divine? Or is it because he implies Jesus was married with children? Either case, there are many more people out there saying worst things about Christianity and doing so as if it is fact. These are the people you should worry about. God Bless! +?+

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    actually you will get charged for being a pr!ck. rape is too far. he never wrote abotu mary getting raped or jesus getting raped, he simply alluded in fiction to how jesus could have had living children. there is another book similiar to it but older.

    if you write about his children, then you will be hunted down for inciting assault against his children.

    you know, in deception point, he criticises NASA.

    in digital fortress, he criticises intelligene agencies (CIA)

    in angels and demons he criticises fundamentalism and how science is treated by religion.

    should all of those groups begin inciting hate?

    the novel is more about being a thriller then anything else.

    have you ever read the opening page? none of the organisations are represented correctly and any parallels are purely coincidental. if you begin writing hate

    1. you will get charged for perhaps even attempting to assault his wife

    2. no publisher will publish it

    3. im sure it is illegal in someway because of the method you presented it.

    its people like you that really ruin the world.

    btw, all his previous books before davinci code were bombs, that is, he was going to be dropped by publishers forever because 3 consecutive failures was too much, he was held purely by contract to write the last one.

    quite frankly, if you can write more then 1 book, i am surprised.

    Source(s): just because it doesnt agree with your opinion doesnt mean you need to retaliate 5 fold and create rifts and hate. be more christian kk?
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  • 1 decade ago

    Ah. Another case of someone taking offense only at those things which they PERSONALLY find to be abhorrent. I imagine that you care not one whit about "fictional" novels that portray other religions contrary to the views of their adherents, or other mythical entities, or nations or politicians or organizations. But now that the "fiction" bothers you personally, it's somehow wrong.

    Well, guess what? It doesn't matter. Respect the speech of others so that your own speech may be respected. If you want to start silencing people, you'll quickly find yourself silenced.

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  • 3 years ago

    it fairly is not real in any respect. The Council of Nicea desperate the Nicean Creed and declared Aranism a heresy. The settlement of the biblical canon for the Catholic Church grew to become into nonetheless a century off. even with the shown fact that, it fairly is real that Eusibius, Constantine's biographer and early Church historian, first began circulating a itemizing of what he seen to be inspired texts as against what he theory weren't at a similar time as the bishops have been accrued for the council. different bishops began circulating their own lists, and the controversy raged, yet by the time of St. Jerome, and his translation of scriptures into the Latin Vulgate bible in the early 5th century, the controversy grew to become into fairly lots settled. at a similar time because it is not as stupid as tossing scripture into the air, it is not precisely an exalted, holy spirit ordained technique the two.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    that would be uncalled for because you'd be taking your anger at his actions out on his wife and children. how fair is that? i mean at least he didn't target individual people living today.

    besides if the church can't deal with a work of fiction it has some serious problems...

    Source(s): catholic
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "This man made his own living out of his deceptions."

    What? A man getting rich by lying about Jesus? OH MY GOD, THAT´S NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!

    At least Dan Brown says up front "Hey, it´s just a book. Don´t take it too seriously."

    For pete´s sake, get over yourself.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Fiction is just fiction. I haven't read them because I hear they are badly written but I can understand why they are popular, everyone loves a spicy conspiracy theory about those in power.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well dan brown doesnt believe in god so its like him writing a book about his magical elf freind getting raped

    his son is real

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Writers can have sleazy morals: any Ripperologist can write slanderous filth about Victorian-era schizophrenic being Ripper.

    Source(s): Fat is fat, bullies and fatists are pottymouthed filth.
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