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Singapore Airlines A380 to HK

I went to the sky deck at Hk airport on both Sat and Sun. however, on Sat, i saw the plane used the runway near the sky deck direction to land. On Sun, it used another direction to land.

Therefore, I want to ask how do you know the direction of A380 landing on the runway in hk airport. Thx!

(P.S. I saw quite a lot of people gathering on the sky deck on Sat but no one went there on Sun)


I want to know after entering the website, which icons or areas shall i go in?

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  • Walter
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    Actually the direction of aircraft landing or take-off depence on the wind direction... As it would be better and easier to land or take-off an aircraft against the wind direction... Therefore its difficult to say if it would be landing from the East (SkyDeck side) or West (HAECO side)...

    However, regarding to the runway used for take-off or landing... Usually landing of pax would use the North Runway (close to SkyDeck), while the South Runway would be used mainly by take-off aircraft or cargo jet (close to Catering Center)... But of course these could change depending on the runway available at the time...

    So if you want to know the direction that the flight take-off, then you would need to check the wind direction... These information could be found on Hong Kong Observatory website but i would not suggest you to call ATIS Hotline as they are very busy to deal with other stuff...

    2009-10-09 10:38:12 補充: and it should have everything you need about the wind direction as well as things like visibility etc...

    2009-10-12 18:34:33 補充: which provide the weather/wind direction and all sorts of information at HK International Airport...

    2009-10-12 18:34:39 補充:

    While would provide the weather in the next few hours... Everything would be in code but with decoded version underneath and are what the pilots would receive as well...

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  • wilson
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    1 decade ago

    Direction for landing depends on the direction of the wind.

    Call ATIS Hotline: 3141 2820

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