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The lyrics of Brüno

If you have seen Brüno,you can know that he sang a song with other singer.I just wanna know the lyrics of it.

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    歌名: Dove of Peace


    ive writen a song

    that i hope is gonna bring ze world together

    put down your guns and bombs

    and just make love forever (ok then)

    hes come to heal the world

    and make all nations calmer

    i am ze austrian jesus

    he is the white obama (hes the white obama)

    wars just bassed on hate and fear

    stop fighting north and south korea

    your both basically chinese

    and hes bruno dove of peace

    hey yo bruno were da bitches at

    you are bruno dove of peace

    You're doing picture model

    you got the cute hoes

    you are bruno dove of peace

    you are bruno dove of peace

    bruno knows peace

    and we goin have peace

    or we gonna have mother f*ckin war

    i have a dream for the 3rd world

    clean water food and teaching

    in every village and every town

    a place for anal bleeching

    We need to rid the world of hunger

    I'm just like Bono except much younger

    He is only nineteen

    Ich bin Brüno, dove of peace

    Ey ey, he gay, he gay


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