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我是第一次網路購物,對於你們的系統不是很了解。我結帳了兩次,所以我多付了一次的郵遞費 (delivery fee),我希望你們可以把我所有購買的商品用同一包裹寄出,並且退我郵遞費。(refund to my debit card or put chash in my package box)但是,我昨天卻接到一封系統告知信,說我第一個訂購,已經寄出,我想,很顯然,你們客服、銷售、倉儲完全沒有整合!


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    Your customer service is not really good!


    First of all, the picture on the website always shows that there is service online. But in fact, no one is online. In the afternoon on Sunday, there is no service online at all!


    Even I contact the salesperson via email. It's been more than 38 hours, and there is still no reply!


    This is my first time purchase items online. I don't quite understand your system.

    我結帳了兩次,所以我多付了一次的郵遞費 (deliveryfee),

    I paid twice. So I paid one extra delivery fee.

    我希望你們可以把我所有購買的商品用同一包裹寄出,並且退我郵遞費。(refund to my debit card or putcash in my package box)

    I expect you to deliver all I purchased with one same package and refund to my debit card or put cash in my package box.


    But I received one letter that informed me that, I was the first one purchasing, so what I bought had been delivered.

    I believe, apparently your customer service, selling, and storing are not integrated.


    My friend told me that XXX has someone reply email even at night. Comparing to you guys, your service is much worse.



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    I'd like to say that your customer service is far away satisfying.

    First of all, photo on your website implied that there is customer service representative on line, in fact, none. Sunday afternoon, there is no customer service on line.

    Even I'd like to get in contact by e-mail, up to now, it's been more than 38 hours, there is no reply at all.

    This is the first time ever I've made purchase on line, have vague idea about the ordering system. I clicked the bottom "pay" for two times, I paid two times of delivery. I hope that you can pack all I bought in one parcel to deliver, and refund the extra delievery fee I've made.

    Yet, unfortunately, I've received a notice auto-generated by system telling me that the first order I've made has been sent out. It's obvious that you failed to coordinate your functions of customer service, sales, and warehouse.

    My friend told me, xxx on-line store even replies customers' enquiry during night time. Comparatively, your service is obviously under satisfaction.

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