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I'm looling at the sunny weather outside and I'm thinking..................請幫我繼續接下去,大約在加100個字,謝謝各位了


是looking 抱歉阿


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    I am looking at the sunny weather ouside and I am thinking about the last time my girlfriend and I walked along at the beach.

    I love beach, sun, and breeze. She and I used to walk along the beach on such a sunny day. We had a lof of memories when we were having a relationship. So I always think of her on sunny days.

    But as time goes by, we have broken up for almost three months.

    Maybe she has left me behind, but the memories between us never goes by. (這句有押韻喔)

    Every time I look into the sunny weather, I can easily think of everything about her. So it is sunny outside but rainy in my heart.

    Someone says that living is just like taking a bus.

    During your trip are many people being with you, someone stays for long, someone not.

    Not matter how many people have been in my life, I know that I will treasure my own life. When someone leaves us, we don't lose him, he just comes back to somewhere belongs to him.

    Whenever I look into sunny weather, I tell myself don't forget to live in the sunny weather and sunny mood.




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    Maybe she has left me behind, but the memory between us never goes by.

    the memories ==> the memory

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    looking 還是 looling? 有沒有主題 這樣才好寫啊

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