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1.have a good time Ving

2. ....cure sb of sth(我不知道sb和sth是什麼意思...)

3.....relieve sb of sth

4.A be familiar with B(兩句)

5....be patient with....(兩句)

6.be born into a poor good family...(兩句)

7.from person to person

8.from country to country

9....pay one's way through...(兩句)

10.After Ving.... , S V(兩句)

11.what was worse,(兩句)

12....ask sb to V

13....ask sb for sth

14....beV the 最高級 N (that) S have ever PP(兩句)

15...pay sb $ for N(兩句)

16.With NP..., S V...(這句我看不懂,所以如果你看不懂也不要問我,兩句)

例如 : With luck, I might win the lottery.

17.realize/come true(兩句)

例如 : Finally, I realized my dream. = Finally my dream came true.

18.one...the other...

19.one the others

20.get into... a car....

21.......get on the bus

22.....find O Ving

23.....find O PP

24.There be N Ving

25.There be N PP




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    1. I hope you will have a good time at the party.

    2. The doctor cured me of my backpain.

    3. I have been relieved the reponsibility of taking care of the children.

    4. I am not familiar with him.

    I am familiar with the work.

    5. You must be patient with the animals.

    The doctor is very patient with his patients.

    6. He was born into a poor family.

    I was born into a good family.

    7. The appearance is different from person to person.

    8. The climate changes from country to country.

    9. The girl had to pay her way through her own efforts.

    10. After being hurt in a car accident, he went to a hospital.

    After swimming, I ate some ice cream.

    11. I was sad, and what was worse, there's nobody to help me.

    I was lost, and what was worse, I had no money on me.

    12. He asked somebody to take care of the dog.

    13. He asked his friends for some help.

    14. She is the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen.

    You are the laziest student that I have ever met.

    15. I paid him $1000 for doing my homework.

    I didn't pay the agent too much money for the ticket.

    16. With all the diffulties, I didn't give up.

    With all you love, I believe I will be strong.

    17. Her wish to become a movie star was finally realized.

    Her wish to become a movie star finally came ture.

    18. One girl is beautiful, the other one is ugly.

    19. Peter and I are good friends, we often help one another to do homework.

    20. Dad stopped the car and told me to get in.

    21. The bus finally came, then I got on the bus.

    22. I found him boring.

    23. I found the bus left already.

    24. There are some boys playing baseball.

    25. There is no money left in my wallet.

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