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is my amp stable at only 1ohm?

i have a kicker 300zx mono ch. amp and im trying to change the ohms of my subwoofers i have two dual 4 ohm jl audio w3v2's and im trying to run the wires diff. to change them, but someone said that it will change it to like 1 ohm or something...i thought it would change 4 ohm to 2 ohm, but i just need to know if my amp can handle that load or if it would be pushing to hard.. anyone that knows about this stuff please answer!!!

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    That amp is only stable at 2ohms,if you run it at 1ohm it will fry the amp.

    These are the wiring options for your subs.

    Now you might could buy another amp just like the one you have and then wire one sub to each amp at a 2ohm load.

    You will then need to wire each sub in parallel for a 2ohm load.

    Use option 1.

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    Technically it isn't suppose to be 1 ohm stable but forget what everyone else is telling it is totally fine I'm running 4 kicker comp car 12s strapped at 1 ohm on the older version 300 zx and it is slamming harder then my shitty boss 1600 this amp is a lot stronger then people give it credit for

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  • 1 decade ago

    that would blow the amp

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