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How do you get a five star match rating in wwe SmackDown vs Raw 2008?

How do you get a five star match rating in wwe SmackDown vs Raw 2008 also How do you win the Buried Alive Match?

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    welll if u talkin about in gm mode. start a good rivalry between really popular starts like rey and triple h. then during the week in the promos keep adding rivalry attacks and interview ans title hype ups. then at the papervieew make it a last man standing match and the match should be a 5 star match.

    in buried alive matches store a finisher then fill ur moentum bar again and irish whip them to the casket and press finisher and they will powerbomb them into the casket(y)

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    Getting a 5 star rating is quite simple. All you have to do is give the crowd a good fight. for example, when you go for a pin, manually stop it as the refs hand is going for 3, that will make the crowd go, "oohhh"

    and the announcers may say something. Also, use every move you know how to do. When you think it is time to pin the person, remember, you could make him bloody, keep on attacking him.

    Now for buried alive matches. First try to bloody him but make sure YOU dont get bloodied! Do not give him time to recover and make his whole body red. Also, use weapons from under the ring. Try to bury them after a high impact move.

    Hope this helps, plz make this your best answer.

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    To be honest, they actually spent less time on the female characters for people to manily focus on what WWE really consists of, so women in that game are a lot more useless, and there's nothing we can do about it

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