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Dodgers vs Cardinals Who wins and why?

who wins it in how many games?

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    At this point im not really sure...the Cardinals have good pitching but we shouldnt under estimate the Dodgers(they do have the best record on the NL)

    Cardinals have Pujols and Holliday

    Dodgers have Ethier and Kemp(and Manny i guess lol)

    im a DODGERS fan but these games will be interesting!!!!

    GO DODGERS!!!!

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    The dodgers will win in 5. Everyone is underestimating them. Because they haven't been as dominant as they were at the beginning of the season. They were 4-6 in their last 10 games while the Cardinals were 2-8. And here are the final MLB team stats for 2009.

    The Dodgers ranked #1 in all of baseball in the following pitching stats:

    ERA 3.41 WHIP 1.25 OBA .233

    compared to the Cardinals

    ERA 3.66 WHIP 1.30 OBA .258

    As far as the batting goes - here are the most important stats:

    Dodgers: Ave .270 OBP .346 SLG .412 OPS .758

    compared to the Cardinals

    Ave .263 OBP .332 SLG .415 OPS .747

    It looks to me like the only major category that the cardinals were better than the Dodgers this year was Slugging Percentage, and that is only by .003 - and they would not have beat them their if Manny wasnt stupid and miss 50 games.

    Add in the fact that the NL Central as a division was 34 games under .500 (they lost 34 more games than they won) and the NL west was 30 games over .500. Tells me that the Dodgers won more games than the cardinals and they did it against tougher teams.

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    Cardinals in 4. Why? Starting pitching.

    Carpenter and Wainwright are arguably number 1-2 in the Cy Young race, more 1 and 3 in my opinion but you could make the argument either way. I think that gets them out to a 2-0 start but L.A. salvages a win in game 3 in St. Louis, gets finished off in game 4. Not to mention the Dodgers have been less than impressive since the All-Star break. Pujols and Holliday carry the offense for the Cardinals and they cruise to the NLCS.

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    Cardinals in 4. I don’t see Dodgers scoring any runs of Adam and Chris. If Dodgers are smart, they will try to use their best pitcher against the none-ace for the Cardinal and try to get one win from the duo but I don’t like Dodger’s chances in 5 game series.

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    Cardinals in 4

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    Cardinals in 5 Games Long and Interesting Series.

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    Cardinals in 4 games.

    Source(s): Good luck to all teams!
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    Cardinals in 5. They have the better hitting and better pitching. Dodgers are coming into the playoffs very sluggish, I expect the Cardinals to dominate this series.

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    Dodgers win in 5 games.

    The Dodgers have less pressure and have a very young talented team.

    I give the pitching to the Cardinals and the Clutch hitting to the Dodgers.

    Should be a good one!

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    Cardinals in 5. Both teams are great, hard to make a prediction, but it will be Cardinals in 5.

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